Fantasy Mermaid Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

by Loepsie
12 Materials
20 Minutes

Turn yourself into an ethereal mermaid this Halloween using a couple of simple makeup tricks! Follow along for a step-by-step fantasy mermaid makeup tutorial.

Tools and materials:  

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Eye primer
  • Jumbo white eye pencil 
  • Blue, shimmery green, teal and purple eyeshadow
  • Eyeshadow blending brush
  • Smaller eyeshadow brush
  • Purple cream eyeshadow
  • Brown eyeshadow or eyebrow color
  • False eyelashes
  • Rhinestones
  • Tweezers
Applying foundation

1. Apply a base to your skin

Start by applying foundation. Since this sexy mermaid Halloween costume is definitely not natural, don’t be afraid to pack it on. We’re going for a flawless, almost plastic looking face.

Use a light-reflecting concealer to highlight your face as well.

Applying concealer

2. Apply a base to your eyes

Now you will apply eyeshadow base to your eyes. 

Applying base to eyelids

Follow this by highlighting your lids using a jumbo white eye pencil. This will be the base for your eyeshadow. Dab it on generously but gently with the pencil. 

Highlighting eyelids

Once you have good coverage, smooth the white color on your lids with your finger. Make sure you also spread some of the white in the inner corners of your eyes.

Smoothing white on eyelids

3. Color your eyelids

Next, use green, blue and purple eyeshadow to color your lids. Using a fluffy, blending brush, buff the blue color into the crease.

Coloring eyelids

Next, apply a shimmery green color on the main portion of your lids. 

Applying green shimmer

4. Line your lashes

Using the purple cream eyeshadow and a thin brush, line your lower lashes and extend the line both outward and inward from your eyes. 

Lining lashes

5. Add purple in the crease

Now, using the small brush, add purple eyeshadow in the crease to give a deeper look. Make sure you blend it too, using the same brush you used for the blue shadow. 

6. Add finishing touches to the eyes

Next, take a teal shadow and pop it on top of the green. Then take white and apply it just underneath the brow bone and the inner corners of the eyes.

Adding white beneath brow bone

7. Touch up your eyebrows

Perfect your eyebrow shape, filling in any holes, but still a natural look.

Touching up eyebrows

8. Add scale details

Apply a net over your face (like the kind that sometimes holds a bunch of citrus fruit, or even fishnet stockings) and brush your eyeshadow over it to give the look of scales.

Use the same green, blue and purple to give a gradient effect. You can add these scales to different portions of your face. I even added some of these scales to my shoulders and neck.

Adding scales to fantasy mermaid makeup look

Adding scales to fantasy mermaid makeup look

9. Add false eyelashes and rhinestones

Before applying the eyelashes, put a few rhinestones along the base of the false eyelashes with the help of tweezers.

Adding false eyelashes

Then apply the false eyelashes following their instructions. 

Adding false eyelashes

Next, apply more rhinestones here and there on your face; wherever you think they’ll look nice. 

Adding rhinestones

10. Color your lips

Finish off the fantasy mermaid makeup by using a little bit of the shimmery green and the purple eyeshadow to add color to your lips.

Coloring lips

Here is the final look:

Completed fantasy mermaid makeup look

Fantasy mermaid makeup

This is such a fun look for Halloween. If you followed along with this tutorial, show us your fantasy mermaid makeup in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Eye primer
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