Fight Premature Aging With 2 Ingredients!

by Shikha

Here is a very easy and simple self care treatment you can do for yourself at home. This helps fight premature aging, adds a natural glow to your skin, and cleanses open pores!

All you need is these 2 ingredients:

  • cucumber
  • turmeric

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Start by cutting your cucumber in half

Put a little bit of wild turmeric powder on the end of the cucumber

(you can find turmeric powder at any grocery store in the spices section or HERE is link to a small jar)

Rub the cucumber and turmeric on your face and massage for about 5 minutes

You can even rub it on your neck since it's generally a good idea to include your neck in any self care, masks, scrubs and moisturizers you rub on on your face. Many people don't know this but your neck is also very sensitive to aging and it's good to include the neck into routines.

Wow! Looks great. Let me know if you try this and how it works for you!

Thanks for reading!

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