How to Create Delicate Flower Petal Nail Art With Water & Nail Polish

by Laurart
8 Materials
45 Minutes

In today’s tutorial, I will be showing you how to make flower petals nail art, without actually using flower petals! This form of nail art is so creative and customizable! You can choose different colors, methods, and styles. Let me show you how to do it.

Tools and materials:

  • Water 
  • Container 
  • Nail polish 
  • Base color 
  • Clear top coat 
  • Q-tips 
  • Nail brush 
  • Makeup remover
Applying a light base coat color nail polish to nails

1. Apply the base coat 

Choose a light color for the base coat, such as white, and apply. Let dry.

Container with room temperature water

2. Prepare water 

Fill a container with room temperature water.

Adding drops of colored nail polish to the water

3. Add drops of nail polish 

Add drops of nail polish in the color of your choice to the lukewarm water. 

Blow on the nail polish to help it spread in the water and create a nice gradient. 

How to make petals with water marble nail art

Push the nail polish together to achieve a different design. 

You can mix up the colors and designs for each nail. Feel free to get creative!

Applying the nail polish piece to the nail

4. Add the design to the nails

Once the nail polish has dried in the water, use a q-tip to take it out and place it on the nail. See how it looks like a flower petal?

3D flower petal nail art

5. Adjust 

Pat the nail polish into your nail while it is still wet. Use the q-tip or your fingers to adjust the layout and placement of the nail polish on the nail until you’ve reached your desired flower petal nail art design. 

How to make flower petals nail art

6. Remove excess

Use a brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean off any excess nail polish.

Applying a top coat over the flower petal nail art

7. Apply top coat

Once your nails are completely dry, apply the clear top coat over the flower petal nail art. Let it dry.

Simple flower nail art

Flower petal nail art

Flower petal nail art tutorial

That’s it, beautiful flower petal nails! As you can see, flower petal nail art is so versatile and customizable. You can use whichever colors and methods you prefer to achieve this unique look! 

Try this at home and let me know what you think of this flower petal nail art tutorial and the results in the comments below. Thanks for joining.

Suggested materials:
  • Water
  • Container
  • Nail polish
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  • Cynthia Morgan Cynthia Morgan on Mar 12, 2022

    What is the thing the nails are resting on while being polished with the base coat? Makes applying the polish “flowers” so much easier!

    And where do I find it?

  • Francine Francine on Mar 12, 2022

    Has anyone tried this with natural nails?