Gucci Rush Fragrance & Himalayan Foot Scrub Soap Bar

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Hi everyone.

Summers here, time to get out feet in the sun with our summer shoes

Our feet need a a good exfoliating, trimming nails, painting nails ect will be getting done all around the world.

For summer as we talk now.

I've scrubbed buffed, I've got my summer feet :)

I love being able to wear my summer shoes especially when my feet feel lovley and soft.

I made my own exfoliating soap.

It is very easy indeed

You will need =

*I used Gucci rush for my fragrance oil

* isopropyl alcohol

*melt and pour crystal soap base

* mould

*soap colour

*heatproof jug



* Himalayan salt

* spoon

Good old Himalayan salt.

It's a natural exfoliator.

My melt an pour transparent soap I use 50gm

Half filling my jug.

Adding it to a pan

I added hot water it's just like melting chocolate

Once all as dissolved you can add your colour and salt

I add two tablespoons of Himalayan salt.

I just sprinkled it into the jug.

Add your colour I choose red.

Add your oils at 40f 130c or they will just evaporate and not last very long

I added 30 drops of Gucci rush

Give it all a good mix

And pour in to your mould.

This mould is for candles, but its ok, any mould can do.

Fill to the top like below

Spray with a spritz of alcohol to prevent bubbles

I sprayed It twice in total

Sprinkle more salt into the mould if you choose to.

And leave in a cool place to set.

I left mine overnight to set

I placed a wooden tab over the top to level it.

As its upside down as it stands now.

I want it to stand straight and upright once set. making sure it is level while setting,

Without needing trimmed

I did think the statue would brake.

But not adding much pressure i turned it inside out.

Making it slip out easier then I thought.

Looking good

I was delighted with the result. The Himalayan is throughout the soap. It smells beautiful.

I cant stress how Himalayan is a good natural exfoliator.

Leaveing our skin very fresh and clean.

Not just for feet, body and face.

This mould I used, I like how it feels between my toes.

Making it easy and fast to use.

My feet do feel softer very silky and no hard skin.

I've used one of my favourite designer pufumes.

To buy gucci foot products would be pricey.

So I just copied my own.

And it has worked a treat.

Allowing me to wear all my summer shoes knowing my feet are in good condition.

I need to make more.

It is unsightly seeing unhealthy feet, in summer shoes.

Thank you for reading

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