How to Do Scary Halloween Cinderella Makeup With a Glass Slipper Wound

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Ready for the ball? In this tutorial, I'm going to show you a scary Halloween Cinderella makeup look. I created this Cinderella makeup look a few years ago and it went viral. I'm sharing it again today as your Fairy Godmother to help give you some Cinderella Halloween makeup ideas for your costume!

With this zombie Cinderella makeup, you can really amp up the gore and blood. I'll show you all my SFX tools and techniques, so you can create a look with Cinderella's glass slipper wedged into her face too!

If you haven't seen my other Disney Princess Halloween makeup ideas, take a look at my Ariel Little Mermaid Halloween makeup and Beauty and the Beast Halloween makeup tutorials too.

Tools and materials:

  • Clip-in bangs
  • Hair tube
  • Plastic heel (mine is made by Gorilla Props - you find them on Instagram or Facebook)
  • Foundation in pale medium color
  • Lip liner in red
  • Lipstick in pale pink
  • Blush in pale pink
  • Makeup brushes
  • Gel Sculpt flesh tone A, B, and C
  • Metal spatula
  • Sigma FX brushes
  • Skin illustrator FX palette
  • Alcohol
  • TV blood in dark
  • Spirit gum
  • Splatter blood (optional)
  • Witch hazel
  • Cotton pads
  • Blue Cinderella dress
  • Blue headband
  • Black choker
Putting hair up into a ponytail

1. Make Cinderella hair

First, I put on the clip-in fringe. Then, I pulled my hair back into a low pony. 

Securing a French twist with bobby pins

I wrapped my hair into a French twist and used bobby pins to keep it secure. 

Using a hair tube for the Cinderella hair

I placed the top of the twist on the hair tube and rolled the tube with the hair on it towards the face. Then, I spread and pulled the hair around until it met the French twist and pinned it in place. 

Cinderella Halloween costume accessories

I put on the pale blue headband to finish the hair, along with the black choker.

Disney Cinderella eye makeup look

2. Cinderella makeup

For the Disney-style eye makeup, I used the same techniques as I did for my Belle from Beauty and the Beast Halloween makeup. You can take a look at that tutorial for the full details, or do your eye makeup how you prefer.

Easy and pretty Cinderella makeup look

I used a medium pale foundation on my skin and added blue contact lenses.

Cleaning the skin with witch hazel

3. Prep the skin

Now for the gore! First, I cleaned the skin where the wound will be with witch hazel and a cotton pad to remove any oils.

Placing the heel on the face

4. Create the Cinderella cheek wound

When I originally created this Halloween Cinderella makeup, I used a real shoe and cut the heel off. This was quite heavy, so I recommend that you use something lightweight instead, like a costume prop, especially if you want your FX makeup to last all night.

This 3D plastic heel from Gorilla Props is super lightweight. I placed the heel on my cheek and used a red lip liner to draw around the outline of the heel.  

Painting the Cinderella heel wound

I mixed several shades of the blood tones from the FX skin illustrator palette and diluted them with alcohol. Then, I built up layers of color.

Creating texture on the FX face wound

I added some black to the red tones and stippled it to give a slightly uneven finish. The idea is to create texture.

Applying wound filler to the face

5. Add wound filler

Wound filler gives the effect of thick, congealed blood. I applied it with a spatula on the painted area. Don’t worry about being neat.

Applying glue to the glass slipper

6. Glue the glass slipper

I coated the entire edge in spirit gum, then applied it directly to the skin on the outline. Hold it in place until it’s secure.

Applying sculpt gel to build up the wound

7. Apply sculpt gel

I mixed equal amounts of sculpt gel A and B and a smaller amount of C in flesh color to create tear marks in the skin. I added a small amount to completely surround the heel. It takes time to set.

Manipulating the sculpt gel

Once the heel is surrounded by sculpt gel, I smoothed it and tried to get it as flush as possible to the skin.

As the material hardened, I manipulated small areas to look like tear marks. I pulled the gel to form small strings and used the spatula to widen the space between the jagged edges to make the shapes more distinctive.

Creating the Halloween Cinderella makeup

8. Build up the wound

I used the FX skin illustrator, mixing flesh tones and using a brush with 2 different length fibers. I flicked the color over the sculpt gel. The 2 lengths help prevent color concentration in any one area.

Gory Cinderella Halloween makeup ideas

Then, I mixed 2 blood tones while using the same brush, flicking the blood color all around the gel. I alternated layering the blood and flesh tones until I’m happy with how it looks.

How to do scary Cinderella makeup

I used my finger to dab more color off of the “cut” and onto my cheek. Then, I added some more flesh tones to the tear marks.

Painting the deep wound with black FX paint

I used a small angled lip liner brush to apply black mixed with red, just to the seams of the tears.

Using the wound filler to create tear marks

Next, I added some more wound filler with a spatula and placed it on the tear marks to make it look like the wound is deep. 

Applying flesh tones to the edge of the tears

I applied a small amount of the lightest flesh tone to the edge of the tear marks.

Fun zombie Cinderella makeup for Halloween

I then used some of the aged blood on a fluffy brush to make it look like the heel is really pushing through the skin. I added some more light flesh tone to highlight the area.

Adding dark TV blood to the wound

I added some dark TV blood by dabbing it on the heel, seams, tear marks, the base of the sculpt gel, and face. 

Adding a blood splatter for the gory effect

If you prefer more gore, you can create splatter blood as well. 

Applying light pink blush as lipstick

9. Lipstick and blush

For a final touch, I applied a light pink lipstick and blush.

Halloween Cinderella makeup

Halloween Cinderella makeup tutorial

There you have it! A scary Cinderella makeup look for Halloween! I hope this fun tutorial has given you some Cinderella Halloween makeup ideas for your costume, whether you decide to do full FX makeup like me or something creative with what you have to hand.

Let me know what you think of this glass slipper wound in the comments below and please share any photos if you try this out yourself. Happy Halloween!

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  • Clip in bangs
  • Hair tube
  • Plastic heel
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