DIY Clutch: Denim & Leopard Fold-Over Clutch

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Supplies for this DIY fold-over clutch:

(This DIY Clutch

size is 16” Tall X 15” Wide)

  • Fabric for top of this DIY clutch (Cut two pieces 10 ½ X 15)
  • Fabric for bottom half of this DIY clutch (Cut two pieces 6 ½ X 15)
  • Optional: Interfacing cut two pieces
  • for the top & two pieces for bottom (If you’re using a stiff fabric this may not be necessary)
  • Fabric for lining (cut two 16 X 15)
  • Fabric for corners (optional cut 4 triangles)
  • Lining Fabric for corners (optional cut 4 triangles)
  • Fabric for zipper ends (strip 1 inch wide and 5 inches long)
  • Zipper (at least 13 inches long)

1. Sew the bottom piece to the top piece. Right sides together (I am sewing 1/2 inch seams on this DIY clutch)

2. Iron and top stitch the seam as shown below.

3. Sew one side if the triangles. Sew the fabric to lining, right sides together, now turn over and press as shown above

4. Place triangles onto the bottom of the DIY clutch to your liking. Make sure they are all the same distance from the bottom so that they will match up when sewing the sides of the clutch together.

5. Now top stitch the edge of the triangle with two lines as seen below. This adds interest to your DIY clutch.

6. DIY clutch zipper-Take your strip of fabric for the zipper and fold both sides into the middle and then fold in half and press as seen above

7. Now clip your strip in half and sew onto each end of your zipper.  **If your zipper is longer than you need it to be, cut it down. Your zipper should be 2 inches shorter than the width of your clutch. For my measurements the zipper should be 13 inches long. 

8. Time to sew the zipper to the clutch pieces. This

is a super easy way to sew a zipper for a clutch, if you’re not familiar with this process take your time.

Lay the front piece of the clutch down right side up. Place the zipper right side down to the top edge of your clutch. (If you see the zipper

pull your zipper is facing the wrong way, just flip it over) Now place your lining piece on top right side facing down. You should have a zipper sandwich right now. Sew across the top of the clutch as close to the zipper teeth as possible, using a zipper foot.

Now flip the pieces over with the right sides facing out and your zipper at the top and press. Your sewn piece should look like the image below. Do the same thing to complete the other side of the clutch.

Now that you have completed installing the zipper on both sides, your clutch should look like the image below. (Top stitch your zipper edges, it will help to keep your lining from getting caught in the zipper teeth. I forgot this step but went back later and added my top stitch)

9. Now time to put this all together. (Make sure you zipper is open half way so that we can turn the clutch inside out) Open the clutch with the fabric pieces right sides together and the lining pieces right sides facing each other. See above, does you look like this?

OK we are going to stitch all the way around leaving an opening in the bottom of the lining side. (This is so we can turn the DIY clutch over) VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you sew close to the zipper edge but do not catch any of the zipper end fabric in your seam when you cross the zipper area.

Now that you have sewn all around, clip your corner edges and turn over and press. Don’t forget to sew the opening in the lining close. You are Done!! You now have your very own DIY clutch, designed by YOU! You can use this DIY clutch tutorial to make several different DIY clutches by adding or changing the size and pieces. Happy creating!

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