DIY TIME: Distressed Denim DIY Fold-over Clutch

DIY TIME: Distressed denim DIY fold-over clutch [inspired by YouTuber Tangie B.]

DIY Denim re-fashion time once again! I was inspired after about two hours going through videos on YouTube, you know how that is. I came across DIYer Tangie B and found some of her wonderful creations. She is a no sew DIYer but I took her design and instead of gluing as she does in most of her projects I sewed my together because I'm not a big fan of gluing items that can be sewn. Now don't get me wrong a glue gun does wonders but I'mma sew these babies. Since I am sewing my item it is still a quick project but not as quick as gluing it together.....but you knew that.

My pieces for the clutch were 14X18. I used different shades of denim for the front and the back, you have four different looks and options with this fold-over clutch. Once you figure out the size of your clutch. you want to cut fringes on all sides of the clutch. Now Tangie already had her interesting pieces to add to her clutch but I did not. I had to create my pieces to apply to the clutch so there was some prep time involved but if you already have access to the pieces to add to your clutch, then you're golden. After all my pieces were made cut to shreds, I just threw everything in the washer & 

dryer to fray the edges for the distressed look. 

Now it's time to have fun. I'm a little over the top soooooo, yes I had to press my pieces when they came from the dryer. Then it was time to stack pieces to sew together, I had thread flying everywhere. But the outcome was super cool, at least I thought so anyway.

I also had to sew this zipper in and before you say it, I know the lines I drew on my template are not even nor was my zipper and I was OK with the uneven look for this clutch. I applied it the same way you would sew welt pockets, super easy to do. Clip it flip it over and press it ten you just put the zipper down the middle and sew it to the clutch. [ I just had a Bell, Biv ,Devoe moment right me babayyyyy, do me babayyyyy, slap it up, flip it rub it....] ahhhhemmmm, now to embellish my clutch before I sew it together

Tome to sew the finished clutch front and back together and add in what-ever you're using for your handle! Whooot Whooot you and I are done!

Opened wide there are sides one and two above and three and four below! 

[This could also be wall art]

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  • Kama Webster Kama Webster on Sep 29, 2021

    I love this! I'm a denim gal, child of the 60's + 70's! I love projects with denim. I'm thinking this would make darling holiday gifts this year!

    • That Black Chic That Black Chic on Oct 01, 2021

      This is a great way to e creative and I agree it would make a spectacular gift!