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Your old denim clothes can be turned into so many different things, and in this tutorial, I’ll show you two!

Follow the simple steps to upcycle your jeans into a DIY denim purse and mini-wallet. You could also use the small denim bag as a pencil case or cosmetic bag – so many possibilities!

Best of all, these simple denim pouches can be made with sewing, or you can simply use glue.

Tools and materials:

  • Old denim jeans
  • 2 zippers
  • Scissors
  • Small plate (for a template)
  • Decorative felt
  • Clear nail polish
  • Hot glue, or sewing machine
Cutting jeans

1. Cut your jeans

Cut two rectangles from a leg of your jeans, measuring 23 x 15 centimeters (9 x 6 inches) each.

Tracing curve

Use a small round plate to help you trace a curve into one bottom corner of one rectangle.


Then, cut off that curved corner.


Use that corner as your template to make the opposite corner match it.

Curved denim rectangles

 Use that rectangle as your template for the other denim rectangle.

Adding zipper

2. Add a zipper

Fold in the top edge of one denim piece 1 centimeter (0.4 inches), and press flat.

Repeat on the other denim piece.


Sew or glue the folded edge of your denim pieces to each side of your zipper.

Adding hook

3. Add a purse hook

Remove a belt loop from your jeans.

Adding hook

Glue the ends of the loop together, with the right side facing out.

Adding hook

Glue the end of the loop to one side edge of your bag, below the zipper.

Assembling bag

4. Assemble the bag

Unzip your bag halfway and turn it inside-out.

Assembling bag

Sew or glue the outside edge of your bag.

Assembling bag

If you are gluing, apply the glue to the right side of the denim fabric.

Adding nail polish

Apply clear nail polish to the edges of the seam to keep it from fraying.

Decorating DIY bag

5. Decorate your bag

Cut your favorite decorative elements from felt, in whatever color you want, and arrange them on the outside of your bag.

Decorating DIY bag

I chose this floral pattern in orange and yellow, which I think contrasts nicely with the blue denim.

Decorating DIY bag

Glue the decorative pieces in place.

Decorating DIY bag

Look! I used the same decorative pieces to make a keychain that I’ll attach to the end of my zipper for a pretty zipper pull.

Making mini-wallet

6. Make a mini-wallet

Follow the same instructions to make a small mini-wallet, starting with 15 x 11-centimeter (6 x 4.3-inch) rectangles. 

DIY denim pouches

DIY denim pouches

That’s it! All that’s left is to decide what you’ll fill your purse and mini-wallet with!

Did you notice how I also decided to add a chain to the loop on my purse? Now it’s even easier to carry! 

I hope you try making these DIY denim pouches and let me know in a comment how they turned out!

Suggested materials:
  • Old denim jeans
  • 2 zippers
  • Scissors
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