Cute Denim Braided Seam Bracelet

3 Materials
30 Minutes

I keep my families old jeans to repurpose for things around the home and also sometimes for fashion items like this cute denim sunflower corsage.

Recently I managed to use the scrap seams from a pair of jeans to make a fun twisted bracelet.

Cut out the double-stitched long seam that normally runs up the inside leg of a pair of jeans.

To make the DIY denim bracelet, you will need three seam lengths of about 30cm each. These can all be from the same pair of jeans. But if you use seams from different pairs of jeans, I think this looks better. It’s nice to use denim seams that are different shades of indigo.

Measure the width of your wrist to make sure that the bracelet will fit. With the clasp used though there is a small room for error.

Stitch the three seams together at one end. This is just to hold them in place while you plait them.

Then braid the three strands of denim like you would braid hair.

If you are not sure about the braiding there are more details on the blog (link in bio at the end).

Braid the seams until they reach the length of the bracelet required. (The width of your wrist).

Cutaway any excess seams.

Then use a ribbon grip to fix the ends of the braided denim.

These are simply hammered in place over the ends.

Then add a lobster clasp chain for the fastener.

The finished bracelet would go really well with handmade denim feather earrings.

Suggested materials:
  • Denim seams
  • Ribbon grip   (Amazon)
  • Lobster clasp and chain   (Amazon)

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