Blanket Upcycle: How to DIY a Super Trendy Faux Fur Bag

by Somethingflava
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Hi everyone. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a trendy fur bag that I’ve been seeing all over. If you’d like to learn how to make a purse out of fabric, keep reading.

Tools and materials: 

  • Fuzzy blanket
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Ruler
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
Cutting blanket

1. Cut out an 11x11 square from the blanket 

Open your blanket fabric and fold it in half. Using a ruler, measure an 11x11-inch square. Cut it out with scissors.

Cutting the lining

2. Cut out the lining

Use the blanket fabric to cut out the inside lining, so that we have equal pieces.

Cutting squares

3. Cut squares in the bottom corners

Lay all of the layers of fabric on top of each other and cut two squares on the bottom corners.

Fold the fabric in half to cut two equal-sized squares on each side.

Cutting phone pocket

4. Measure and cut the phone pocket

To make a phone pocket, measure a rectangle that is 8x6 inches. Cut that out on a double layered fabric.

Measuring straps

5. Measure and cut straps

The last thing to cut out is the straps. I made these straps about 14 inches long and cut on a fold.

Cutting straps

Cut the straps 4 inches thick. Use the first strap as a template for the second.

Fuzzy fabric

6. Sew together the fuzzy fabric

Align the two pieces of blanket fabric so they’re right sides facing and stitch down the sides and across the bottom. 

Sewing fuzzy fabric

I used a zigzag stitch because this is a thicker fabric and I wanted the edges to be locked in.

Sewing the lining

7. Sew together the lining

Align the lining so they’re right sides facing together and sew down the two sides and along the bottom.

Lining corners

8. Sew the corners of the lining horizontally

Take the two corner squares and align the two sides together and pin them down. 

Lining corners

Here’s a closer look. Open up the inside so you can see the diamond shape, then close the two ends shut. 

Sewing seam

Open up the seam and sew horizontally across it.  

Sewing the corners

9. Sew the corners of the blanket fabric horizontally

Repeat step 8 with the blanket fabric.

Sewing the pocket

10. Sew the pocket and leave an opening

Sew a straight stitch all around the perimeter of the pocket. Don’t finish it all of the way.

Instead, leave a little bit of room that’s just enough to fit a couple of fingers through so you can flip the pocket right side out. 

Top stitching the pocket opening

11. Top stitch the pocket opening

Flip the pocket right side out and then top stitch over the hole you left.

Attaching the pocket to the lining

12. Attach the pocket to the lining

Make sure the lining is facing right sides out and attach the pocket with a straight stitch, going all the way around the sides and the bottom.

When you’re doing this, be conscious of not sewing the lining shut together. 

Progress shot

Here’s what the pocket looks like when it’s attached.

Folding the straps

13. Fold the straps right sides together and sew

Fold the straps in half so the right sides are facing together. Pin them down and then sew straight stitches down each one.

Straps facing the right way

Once they’re sewn, turn them inside out so they’re facing the right way.

Placing the blanket fabric inside the lining

14. Place the blanket fabric inside the lining

Now we just have to attach everything.

Flip the lining so the wrong side is facing out and flip the blanket fabric, so the right side is facing out.

Place the blanket fabric on the inside of the lining.

Matching up side seams

Match up the side seams and pin them down.

Putting the straps between the lining and the fuzzy fabric

15. Put the straps between the lining and the blanket fabric

Put the straps between the lining and the blanket fabric. Pin both sides down closest to the side seams. Do this to both sides.

Progress shot

This is how the straps should look inside the purse. 

Progress shot

If you did it right, you will not see the straps. If you can see them like this, it’s the wrong way.

Where to sew

16. Sew completely around the top of the purse

Sew completely around the top of the purse. Don’t leave any spaces, just completely sew the whole thing shut.

Seam ripping

17. Seam rip the lining of the purse and flip it right sides out

Once you’ve sewn the entire top, take a seam ripper and rip a little hole only in the lining of the purse.

Hole in lining

Use this hole to flip the purse right sides out.

Top stitching the hole

18. Top stitch the hole in the lining

Once the lining is exposed, top stitch the hole you made. Then put the lining back inside the purse.

Completed DIY fur bag

DIY fur bag

All done! Here’s the finished cheetah print purse!

I really like this faux fur purse. It’s really cute and super soft and fuzzy on the outside. Let me know what you think about this fluffy bag down below.

Suggested materials:
  • Fuzzy blanket
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
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