How to Upcycle a Macrame Bag by Adding Raffia Fringe (Video Included)

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Love, love, love this DIY! I came across some really beautiful macrame bags on Pinterest and I had to make my own twist on the trend by upcycling a macrame bag by adding raffia fringe.

Such a fun and easy DIY project and you only need a few supplies.

You can either watch my easy full Video Tutorial (at the bottom of this page)…

…or you can use my Blog tutorial below.

  • Macrame or Straw Bag you can upcycle
  • Assorted Raffia
  • Gold Scissors (...because gold scissors are so cute!)
  • Large Eye Embroidery or Upholstery Needle (This particular bag show does not need a needle. But, You may choose a different bag)

Step 1: Collect multiple colors of Raffia at one time and measure 10″ lengths.

Next, cut the 10″ grouping in half to be 5″ lengths.

Continue to do this until you have a big pile. You’ll need a lot!

I basically used about half of each colored spool.

Step 2: Take a 5″ strip of raffia and fold in half.

Now, with the loop side down, slide it through an open loop on the bag.

It’s important to remember to always point your raffia folded loop downward when making your fringe. If you point it up the fringe will not hang downward.

Step 3: Now take the the two ends of the raffia and pull it through the loop of your raffia.

Step 4: Keep adding your raffia to your bag until you get the desired fullness. I added fringe on only one side of the bag and about 4 inches from the bottom of the bag.

Yippee! You are all done!

I wanna know how your bag turned out so please let me know in the comments.

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Here's a step-by-step video tutorial of this project!

Be sure to head over to my Blog for more fun & easy DIY projects!

xo, Michele

Suggested materials:
  • Macrame or Straw Bag   (
  • Assorted Raffia Ribbon   (
  • Gold Scissors (Gold because they're cute   (
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