Simple Glasses 👓 Case - No Sewing Machine Needed

by Emilie
4 Materials
30 Minutes

Want to create a case for your glasses, sunglasses or like for me...

my new night driving yellow glasses!

Because of their unique shape and size, it’s difficult for them to fit in a regular size case,

so why not make one?!

It supports sustainable fashion and utilizes your creative, crafty side with very little supplies.


  1. fabric
  2. thread
  3. needle
  4. clear nail polish
  5. yarn or ribbon

step 1:

cut fabric to double making the soft case thicker

step 2:

sew inside out to hide the seem then turn right side out

step 3:

finish the ends by painting clear nail Polish on to keep fabric from fraying

step 4:

tack on yarn or ribbon to create a tie to make it cute and hold glasses in case.

done ✅ under 30 mins

cute and practical project!

Start with your supplies...

fabric, thread, scissors & yarn.

tack with thread and needle the yarn to make a bow.

Sewing the sides

Measure 2 pieces of yarn to use as ties

Cut and double fabric to fit any size glasses

Here is the finished project

It fits great!

All done & cute!

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric   (Leftover)
  • Thread   (On hand)
  • Clear nail polish   (On hand)
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