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I love bags! I had been searching for the perfect Boston Bag when I thought, what not make my own? I picked out my fabrics and got stuck in! This bag is the perfect size. It fits in all the essentials and can be used for almost every occasion. If you have been looking for the perfect bag then the search is over! Follow my step by step tutorial and get started your own amazing Boston Bag. This easy guide will help you create the bag of your dreams!

Tools and Materials:

  • Three fabrics
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fusible fleece
  • Fabric scissors
  • Ruler
  • Zipper
How to sew a simple bag
Sew the fabric strips

To get started on your gorgeous bag, you will need two pieces of fabric forty-three cm by twenty-three and a half cm and two strips of fabric forty-three cm by eight cm. I have chosen this fun, floral pattern but feel free to choose any fabric design you like! Start by sewing the fabric strips onto the fabric pieces about one cm from the bottom. Make sure to press down the extra fabric at the back once it’s sewed on!

Draw the pattern
Draw the bag pattern

To create the ultimate Boston Bag I decided to draw my own pattern using paper, a ruler, and a pencil. Check out my video at 1:35 to learn how to create this amazing handbag pattern. 

Press the fusible fleece
Press the fusible fleece to the fabric

Use fusible fleece to create two handbag patterns and press them onto the inside of each piece of fabric. 

How to sew a bag with lining
Cut the fabric

Cut two new pieces of fabric to the same size as your other pieces. I chose to use another floral fabric. I clearly just can’t get enough! This fabric will be on the inside of your new bag. Place the fabric underneath your pressed pieces. Use your fleece as a pattern and cut around it, leaving a one cm seam allowance on all sides. 

Sew the edges
Sew the edges of the fabric

Using the same fabric pattern as before, cut two new pieces to twenty-six cm by thirty-two cm. Sew around the sides and top leaving a gap in the middle of the top edge. Leave a one cm seam allowance on each side. Remember, the folded edge isn’t being sewed in this step! Once the pieces are sewed, cut the corners off on all four sides, above your seam, and press the fabric. Turn the fabric right side out through the gap you left and sew a double seam across the top, closing the gap. 

Add pockets
Sew in the pockets

We can’t get enough pockets! Use these fabric squares to create pockets for your handbag. Sew one piece in around the edges, leaving the top open for the pocket. On the other piece sew around the edges and add one seam in the middle to create the double pocket. I love pockets in my handbags! Everything has its place and is kept neat and secure. 

Add the zipper
Attach the zipper

To attach the zipper to your new handbag, sew on a piece of your inside fabric onto the outer fabric. The inside fabric should be wrong side facing. Mark where your zipper will be and cut out at the marked points. To get exact measurements of the fabric and markings, go to 5:46 in my video tutorial. Once you have cut a slit in the fabrics, fold the inside fabric through the slit and press it onto the fusible fleece. 

How to sew a zipper in a bag

Place your zipper behind the slit and sew a basting stitch to hold it in place. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I always use a basting stitch when sewing in a zipper. It keeps it secure and in place! Use your sewing machine to sew seams around the edges of the zipper. Make sure to cut out the basting stitch once your zipper is firmly in! 

Fold the fabric
Make a new pocket

Fold the piece of fabric in half so that its edge reaches the new zipper. Sew seams at all the open sides. Now you have the perfect zipper pocket for your new handbag! 

How to sew a handbag
Attach the main zipper

A classic feature of the Boston Bag is its zipper. Start by sewing a basting stitch onto the inside piece of fabric at the top of the zipper. Then turn your outside piece of fabric wrong side facing and place it over the inside piece. Sew the top edges together leaving one cm from the top.

Attach the main zipper

Add material to the zipper

To create a nice finish on your zipper, and make your bag look even more professional, add two small pieces of fabric onto each side of your zipper. To see the measurements and folding technique for these pieces see 12:10 in my video tutorial. 

Make the base
Create the bag base

To get started on the base of your bag, cut a piece of inside fabric fourteen by sixty-five cm. Using the two fabrics you used for the outside of the bag attach two square pieces to each end and sew the edges together at one cm from the edge. Unfolded and pressed, this piece should be the same size as the inside fabric piece. Press a piece of fusible fleece onto the inside of the outside fabric piece. 

Add the base

Place the inside fabric piece underneath the zipper, right side facing up and the outside piece above the zipper, wrong side facing up. Once the edges are in line, sew them together at one cm from the edge. Turn the bag so that the outside material is showing and sew another seam on the edges you just attached.

Sew the edges
Sew the edges together

It’s amazing to see this bag coming together! In this step, sew the edges of the bag together leaving half a cm for seam allowance. Using the same measurements sew the edges of the base together. 

Add bias tape

To make sure your Boston Bag will have a fabulous finish, use your inside fabric to create two pieces of bias tape and sew them, wrong side facing, to the edges of your bag base. 

Create incisions
Sew the bag closed

Using your fabric scissors, create small incisions around the edge of the bag’s base piece. Pin the bag closed and sew the edges together leaving one cm seam allowance. Once you have a closed bag, fold your piece of bias tape over twice and sew it, creating a hem on the inside of the bag. This Boston Bag is starting to look awesome. Turn it right side out and let’s get started on the strap!

Fold the straps
Attach a strap

To get started on the strap, cut two pieces of outside fabric eight by sixty-seven cm. To get the perfect strap, fold the fabric, and press it. To see the folding technique, watch the video at 21:16. Once the fabric has been folded, sew a seam around the edges. Repeat this on the second piece of strap fabric. 

How to sew a simple bag with lining

Mark three cm from the bottom of your strap and pin the strap onto your new, amazing bag. There should be a thirteen cm gap between the two sides of the strap when you are pinning. Once you have pinned one strap on, sew around the edges from the three cm mark to the bottom of the strap. Repeat this on the other side of the bag and there you have it!

DIY Boston Bag

I am obsessed with my new bag! It is so easy to make and can be used for every occasion! What fabric would you use for this DIY Boston Bag? Let me know in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Fusible fleece
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