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by Shonagh Scott
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20 Minutes

Hey, guys. Today, I’m going to show you how I did this Hollywood waves wedding hair look. It’s a really quick way to achieve a really pretty curl for wedding hairstyles for long hair. This loose waves wedding hair is something you can do in just 20 minutes. Before starting, I already blow-dried my hair. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Heat protectant
  • Hairspray
  • Smoothing cream
  • Curling iron
  • Root dust
  • Thin comb
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Brush 
  • Finishing spray
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair accessories
apply heat protectant

1. Apply heat protectant

Since we’re going to be using heat, you’ll want to choose products that protect the hair. Before you curl each section, make sure you go in with a heat protectant. 

applying anti-frizz cream

2. Apply anti-frizz smoothing cream

Afterward, I went in with an anti-frizz smoothing cream just to smooth out all of the cuticles of the hair. That way, once we curl the hair, it will give it a smooth finish.

wedding hairstyles for long hair

3. Spray hairspray

Before curling, go in with hairspray. These are a lot of products, but your curls last longer when you use all of them. Make sure to crack a window or door because the smell can get a bit much. 

curling the hair

4. Curl

When curling, alternate each curl in different directions to give the style more dimension. This is also great if you’ve got fine hair, as the alternating curls sit on top of each other, and they layer up, building volume. Another way to get more volume is to set the iron underneath the curl to get more lift, as well as combining that with root dust and back-combing. But since this is a quick DIY, I’m not doing that for my entire head.

When curling the back, you can bring the curls around to the front to separate, and then just use a mirror to tidy the back. I recommend separating the curls and tidying them before moving onto the next section because it’s easier to miss a couple of these curls if you’re doing it by yourself. 

glam waves wedding hair

For the crown of the head, pull the curls forward to work on them. Once you separate you can gently put them back in place.

glam waves wedding hair

I did backcomb here at the crown for some lift. 

Hollywood waves wedding hair

5. Apply finishing spray

Once each section is completely cooled, go in with a finishing hairspray on the curl. 

loose waves wedding hair

6. Spray luminous hair spray

First, separate the curl to give it a bit of width before going in with a luminous hair spray. This is medium-hold, but if you’re somewhere with a lot of humidity, you’ll want a stronger hold.

loose waves wedding hair

7. Comb

Comb through the curl. As you can see, it turns the curl into a beautiful wave. Because we used these products, the curl has more structure, so it can take being combed and doesn’t brush out. If you get a few flyaways, just run over them with your fingers and some hairspray or smoothing cream, and you’ll get a smoother wave.

Hollywood waves hair wedding

A tip before combing is to give the end a little tug and it almost breaks the shape of the curl, making it easier to comb.

Hollywood waves hair wedding

8. Work on the fringe

For my fringe, I did it in three triangular sections, curling backward in the same direction for each curl. Before I curl, I added a bit of root dust and then backcombed it in. The root dust will go on white, but once you backcomb it, it’ll disappear. It can give it a bit of a grubby feel, but it’s essential for volume. 

Also, remember that your fringe doesn’t need as long on the curler, but it’ll be quicker, as the hair is a lot finer. 

Hollywood waves wedding hair

Once it’s cool, spray it with the finishing spray, and comb each section into one curl. The important part is not to brush out the backcomb at the root. 

Instead, use your fingers to manipulate the hair on the side, while using your fingers on the other hand to lift the root at the same time. 

wedding hairstyles for long hair

Add hairspray to the root, then brush away the flyaways with your comb. Add another layer of hairspray if you desire.

wedding hairstyles for long hair

9. Style

For this look, I combed the opposite side of my hair behind my ear and used two bobby pins to secure it. Use the hair coming from the crown to hide the bobby pins. 

wedding hairstyles for long hair

Add any hair jewelry you want. 

Hollywood waves wedding hair

Hollywood Waves Wedding Hair Tutorial

Here’s the finished glam waves wedding hair look! If you want the curls to be smoothers, you can go in with a wide-tooth comb and give them a nice brush-through. Let me know what you guys think about this look!

Products Used

GHD Curly Ever After

OSIS Tame Wild

Silhouette Pump Spray

Babyliss PRO Dial-A-Heat 24mm Tong

Moroccan Oil Luminous Medium Hold Hairspray

OSIS Soft Dust (root dust)

Sweetv Jewellery

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Suggested materials:
  • Heat protectant
  • Hairspray
  • Smoothing cream
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