7 Essential Tips on How to Apply Eyeshadow Glitter the Classy Way

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In this tutorial, I'll show you how to apply eyeshadow glitter. Yes, glitter is pretty and glam. But, the biggest problem is how to keep that glitter eyeshadow in place? I have some fun remedies for applying glitter eyeshadow that will get you sparkling without the crazy mess.

A lot of people tend to go for loose glitter, and for me, that seems to be the issue when it comes to, well, making a mess. You can put a shadow shield on and apply the glitter, but instead of going with the loose glitter, I tend to go for the sticks, and that brings me onto tip number one...

Tools and materials:

  • Glitter sticks
  • Glitter liquid liner
  • Glitter cream eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Glitter glue
  • Small brush
How to use a glitter stick

Tip 1 - Glitter sticks help avoid the crazy mess

Glitter sticks are super quick and easy, and they are definitely my go-to when it comes to glittery eye makeup. What tends to work for women with blonde hair and blue eyes is oranges, browns, and golds. This shimmery gold is going to be perfect in bringing out my blue eyes.

How to apply glitter stick eyeshadow

Tip 2 - Apply glitter sticks directly to the lid 

To put it on, you just need to apply it directly to your lids and smear it with your finger. This look is subtle and pretty for daytime or evening.

How to use glitter eyeliner as eyeshadow

Tip 3 - Apply some shimmery liner

My next tip for you is to get yourself a glitter liquid liner. They come with a very thin brush which makes putting the liner on super precise.

You can use it on your lash line or under your lashes. I’m going to apply a little bit of it under, start in the middle, and work my way out in a wing.

How to apply cream glitter eyeshadow

Tip 4 - Take it from day to night

Next, I have a glitter cream palette that is perfect for helping you achieve a day-to-night look. You can do your base makeup in the day very light and then at night time, just pop open this palette and apply it to your eye.

How to apply glitter eyeshadow with fingers

Tip 5 - Apply to the outer part of the eye

Here, I’m applying the glitter cream to the outer part of the eye. Top the eye look off with some mascara. This adds some volume.

How to use glitter eyeshadow in the day

Tip 6 - Get a daytime look

If you want to wear glitter on your eyes during the day, I would say don’t do top and bottom; go ahead and choose just one. So you can do a pretty lid and put some glitter on the bottom, or leave the bottom bare and slide some glitter on the top.

How to keep glitter eyeshadow in place

Tip 7 - Use some actual glitter

If you guys love to play with glitter like I do, the one thing I will suggest is using glitter glue.

To apply this, put a little bit on your hand, take a small concealer brush and dab a little bit onto your eye on the precise area that you want, dip the top of the brush into your glitter and then just apply it to your eye.

How to apply eyeshadow glitter

There we have four ways in which you can apply glitter to your eyes, with a glitter stick, a glitter liquid liner, a glitter cream palette, and actual glitter with glitter glue. Each method creates a different effect, but they are all equally as fun, sparkly and gorgeous.

Play around with these different techniques and see which one you like the best!

Suggested materials:
  • Glitter sticks
  • Glitter liquid liner
  • Glitter cream eyeshadow
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