How to Apply Makeup With Fingers - Tutorial for Mature Skin

Karen Lien
by Karen Lien
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Today we’re going to be doing the easiest makeup tutorial ever! You don’t need a million products or ten different kinds of brushes. Today, I'll show you how to apply makeup with fingers!

All you need is a palette of cream colors and a large brush for blending, and you’ll be ready to get started on this super simple makeup look for mature skin.

Tools and materials:

Makeup without brushes

1. Color corrector

The first color I used is a color corrector that is the same color as my skin tone. I applied this with my finger to all the red or discolored areas of my face that I wanted to cover up. 

How to contour without brushes

2. Contour

Next, I used a muted brown as a contour. I applied this on my forehead near my hairline, below my cheekbones, along my jawline, and a little bit on the area below my chin.

Finger painting makeup tutorial

3. Brighten

Next, I used my finger to dab on a color that is lighter than my skin tone, to accent the parts of my face I want to brighten. I applied this color below my eyes, in the space between my eyebrows, the center of my forehead, on the tip of my nose and chin, and a little on my cupid’s bow. 

Easy makeup look for mature skin

4. Foundation

The next color I used was the main foundation color, so it should be a color that is closely matched to your skin tone. I applied it below my contouring lines, and on any other area that I felt needed some coverage. 

Applying makeup using my fingers

5. Lip and cheek color

I used a plum color as blush, applying a small amount on the apple of both cheeks, and I used the same color on my lips. 

Blending with a large, soft brush

6. Blend

Finally, I used a large, soft brush to blend everything together. I used a pouncing and stippling motion rather than a dragging motion, moving all over my face until all the applied colors were well blended. 

Adding the finishing touches to my makeup

7. Illuminator

Once everything was blended well, I applied an illuminator to my cheeks and the center of my lips.

How to apply eye makeup with fingers

8. Eye color

For the final touch, I used the same plum color I used on my cheeks and lips as a cream eye shadow!

How to apply makeup with fingers - final look

Here’s my final look! This makeup without brushes technique is so simple and so fast - I absolutely love it. Let me know in the comments what you think of this guide on how to apply makeup with fingers.

Suggested materials:
  • Color Match Palette or palette of cream colors   (Link to store above)
  • Large, soft makeup brush

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