Easy Hacks on How to Fold Underwear

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Do you waste too much time digging through your drawers to find that one, elusive pair of underwear you had planned on wearing?

Though compact compared to other garments like jackets, underwear can cause a headache if not folded and stored correctly. An organized underwear drawer allows you to see all of your options at once, all while maximizing space to store more undergarments.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fold your underwear and store them to keep your drawers clean and uncluttered. We’ll walk through every type of undergarment out there, from boxers to bras to panties, so you’ll have no problem finding your way to tidy dresser drawers.

How to fold boxers

Men’s underwear typically consists of boxers or briefs. Here are simple methods for how to fold men’s underwear using the square method.

Because of their boxy shape, boxers and boxer-briefs can easily be folded in a few simple steps.

1. Lay the boxers out

Place the boxers on a flat surface, face-up with the waistband at the top. Use your hands to smooth out any wrinkles which will make for a neater fold.

2. Fold the boxers in half

Fold the boxers in half from left to right. The outer seams should be lined up.

3. Turn the boxers to the side

Rotate the boxers 180 degrees so the waistband is on the left and the leg holes are on the right.

4. Fold the top edge down

Next, fold the top of the edge down to meet the bottom. Now, the boxers will form a long rectangle.

5. Fold the boxers in half again

Now, fold the boxers in half again from left to right forming a neat, compact square that is easy to store.

How to fold briefs

Men’s briefs can also be folded into tidy squares for orderly storage. Keep in mind that briefs aren’t as stiff as traditional boxers are, so you’ll need to be sure to crease each fold firmly to keep them in place.

1. Lay the briefs out

Place the briefs facing up on a flat surface. The waistband should be at the top and the leg holes should be at the bottom. Smooth out any folds and wrinkles.

2. Fold the briefs into thirds

Fold the left side in toward the center. Fold the right side in and over the left, as if you were folding a letter into thirds.

3. Fold the bottom up to the top

Next, fold the bottom of the crotch up to meet the top seam.

4. Flip the briefs over

Finally, flip the briefs over so the back side faces up. The waistband should be showing. Now you have a folded square that is easy to stack and store.

How to fold panties

Women’s undergarments come in a few more shapes and sizes than men’s. Most styles can be folded or rolled. Here are our tips for how to fold women’s underwear to keep all types of underwear tidy and organized.

The square method works well for most types of women’s underwear including bikinis, briefs, and boyshorts.

1. Lay out the underwear

Place the underwear on a flat surface with the front side facing up. The waistband should be at the top and the leg holes on the bottom.

2. Fold the bottom up

Take the crotch of the underwear and fold it up to meet the waistband. The underwear should form the shape of a canoe.

3. Fold each side inward

Next, fold the left and right side of the underwear inward to meet in the middle. The underwear should form a square.

4. Flip the underwear over

Turn the underwear over so the smooth side is facing up before storing flat in a bin or drawer.

How to fold a thong

Folding thongs is a bit more tricky because of their size, and their thin fabric parts make it hard to create folds. For thong or G-string underwear, we recommend this technique to create a square.

How to fold a thong

1. Place the thong on a flat surface 

Lay the thong out on a flat surface with the string side up. Place the waistband at the top and the crotch at the bottom. Smooth out any wrinkles with your hands. 

How to fold a thong

2. Fold the top straps 

Fold the left and right straps in to meet at the middle. Because the top is wider than the bottom, this will form an upside-down triangle.

How to fold a thong

3. Fold the sides 

Starting at the top of the thong, fold the left side in about one-third of the way.

Do the same with the right side of the thong, folding it over the fabric you just folded into the middle. This forms a long strip of fabric. 

How to fold a thong

4. Fold the bottom of the thong to the top 

Fold the crotch of the thong up so that one-third of the fabric hangs over the top of the waistband. 

How to fold a thong

5. Tuck the bottom of the thong in at the top 

Now, take that extra fabric and tuck it into the opening at the top of the waistband that was created when you folded the sides into the center.

Now you have a neat, square bundle to place in your underwear drawer!

How to roll underwear 

The “jelly roll” method is an alternative to the square method that creates smaller bundles–which means even more drawer space. This folding technique helps to prevent wrinkles, too. You can roll just about any size and shape of men’s or women’s underwear this way.

1. Lay out the underwear 

Start by laying out the underwear on a flat surface with the waistband at the top and the leg holes at the bottom. 

2. Fold the bottom up  

Fold the crotch of the underwear up to meet the waistband at the top. 

3. Fold both sides of the underwear  

Next, fold both the left and right sides of the underwear in toward the center, just past where the opposite leg hole starts. You will have that square bundle we created in the methods above. 

4. Roll the underwear 

Starting with the waistband, begin to roll the underwear bundle down toward your body. The crotch area should be the last section to be folded into the “jelly roll.” 

How to fold bras

Now that we have covered the two most common methods for folding underwear, let’s tackle different types of bras:

  • Molded bras have padded cups built in to contour, lift, and support the breasts. That padding creates firm, rounded cups that retain their shape when the bra isn’t being worn. Contour bras, push-up bras, and many sports bras are molded bras. 

  • Non-molded (or unmolded) bras do not contain any molding to contour breasts. They can be lined or unlined. Lined, non-molded bras have an even layer of padding to create a rounded shape in the breast area. A T-shirt bra is a good example of a lined, non-molded bra. Unlined non-molded bras have no additional lining or padding in the cup area. They offer a more natural appearance since there is no support to create rounded and symmetrical breast cups.

Here’s how to fold each of these types of bras.

How to fold bralettes and non-molded bras 

Folded bralette

To fold a bralette, simply fold the straps down before folding the bra in half, left to right. This will help prevent the straps and hooks from getting tangled with other bras. 

Because unmolded bras don’t contain cups or wires, they are ideal for rolling. Do so by folding the straps down and rolling the bra from left to right to form a compact cylinder that takes up very little real estate in your undergarment drawer.

How to fold sports bras and other molded bras 

It’s best to avoid rolling or folding molded bras. 

To protect the cups from being crushed, dented, or creased, you can stack them on top of each other in vertical piles, or in rows, one behind the other. 

Rest the cups of each bra inside each other. And if you’re short on drawer space, keep them in your closet on a hanging bra organizer

How to store folded underwear

Now that you have folded or rolled your underwear, it’s time to put them away. Storing underwear properly is the second key part of folding underwear and maximizing your drawer space.

If you have a dedicated underwear drawer, box, or bin, you can stack square bundles on top of each other in rows, or line them up front to back in vertical lines. 

For maximum storage, lay rolled underwear side-by-side along the bottom of the drawer and place a second layer on top. 

There are a variety of practical underwear and bra storage solutions to make organizing even easier. These slip right into your drawer or bin to protect your delicates and make items easy to find:

There are many benefits to having a system for storing underwear and other clothing. Not only will you protect your garments so they look and feel their best for longer, you will save the time and frustration that comes with being disorganized

How to fold underwear

Do you have a favorite product or method for storing your bras and underwear? Share your tips on how to fold underwear below. I love to hear from you all!

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