How to Make a Crown Headband Look Good With Your Hair

The headband is back and making a splash in the statement accessories department. Trending right now is the crown headbands which are large and chic. Sometimes it can be hard to feel confident in the crown headband because of how bulky it is. But don't worry, that's why I am showing you how I wear it.

Chunky knitted crown headband

Green velour headband

Oversized round headband

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First I make a middle part in my hair

Then I comb back all my hair and pin it with a bobbypin so my slick back look stays

Then grab your crown headband and put it on

I try to put it on from the top just like this so I don't move my hair out of place.

Super simple right! Now if your headband has alot of embellishments I would go with a simple top and more simple jewelry. You want to avoid clashing or over doing it with accessories.

Let me know what you think!

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