How to Wrap Your Hair and Make It Look Stylish

Miyah Johnson
by Miyah Johnson
2 Materials
3 Minutes

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to wrap your hair and make it look stylish.

No matter what your hair type, if you’re not in the mood for wearing your hair down or even having it on show, wrapping it in a scarf is a great option open to you.

Follow along as I guide you through this scarf-wrapping tutorial.

Tools and materials:

  • Hair tie
  • Hair scarf
Hair tied up

1. Tie hair up

Start off by tying your hair on top of your head, and then bring the scarf round from the back, ready to wrap.

Knotting front

2. Knot at the front

Cross the two sides of the scarf across the front, tying a knot.

Twisting scarf

3. Twist

Twist one side of the scarf.

Wrapping scarf

4. Wrap around top

Wrap the twisted side around the top of the scarf and tuck the end under the scarf to hide it.

Wrapping scarf

5. Repeat

Then twist the other side of the scarf, wrap that around the top, and tuck the end in place.

Wrapped hair

Wrapped hair

Here is the finished look, I love the two twists wrapped around the top section, which creates a bun shape up on top.

This is such a stylish way to cover up on those days when you don’t want your hair to be on show. I hope you like this wrapped look just as much as I do!

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair tie
  • Hair scarf

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