How to Make a One of a Kind Necklace From Vegetable Ivory

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
10 Minutes

I’ve been a big fan of eco jewellery for a long time and Tagua nuts are so tactile and lush to make jewellery from. They are also called vegetable ivory as so hard and durable and are the non edible palm nuts from Ecuador.

Tagua nut pendant

I choose a black large oval piece which has a cobra snake engraving on it supposedly to protect the wearer some would say.

Adding silver bail

I decide which silver bail is a good fit with the design from a range of different styles. These are all available to purchase online and very reasonably priced. I use a pair of pliers to pinch the bail in place and no need to drill hole as it is pre drilled and perfect fit.

Threading chain on bail

Simply the next step is threading the sterling silver chain onto the loop in the bail. I imagine also a black cord would be a great look too but for this one it’s a chain. These are easily purchased on line and in a great variety and prices so shop around.

The length of the chain is an important factor too and I find it’s best somewhere sitting middle between throat and chest and to not get in way of clothes neckline.

It looks strong and powerful !

Tagua nut pendant
Suggested materials:
  • Tagua nut pieces   (Amazon)
  • Silver box chain   (Amazon)

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