DIY Infused Petals For Bathing

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Hello everyone.

I have lots of flowers in my garden and hate when they fall on the floor. I always think it's such a shame seeing such beauty go to wast. That's where I got this DIY inspiration from.

My peonies were nearing the end of their life with petals falling... that's when I had the idea that their color is beautiful enough to bathe in.

So I started gathering petals...

I try to get as many petals as I can.

I always place them in a envelope and let them dry in the windowsill.

Like below.

These look great! They haven't lost their color. They ended up taking about 3 days to dry out completely.

It's very important to let them dry out.

You need:

* glass containers (They were yogurt pots)

*essential oil (rose)

*dried petals of any sort (I'm using peonies)

I place them all in a glass mixing jug.

I am using glass because essential oils can be harsh to plastic surfaces. These tops are great because they close very well and their lids are easy to pop on and off.

Now put in 20 drops of rose essential oil into your jar.

Like so

Now fill your jars up.

You can use whichever oil you want. Don't worry if you accidentally put more drops or you feel like you need it.

I ended up adding an extra 5 drops into each jar.

I'm very pleased with this DIY.

The rose aroma smells amazing and the benefits it has for the skin is an extra plus. I feel much smoother after a bath with these.

Once the petals dry out more they will be ready to use. The petals are absorbing the oils so when released in the back they will infuse the water.

I made two jars. These are good for 4 weeks since the jars are airtight.

To have a relaxing bath just pour your homemade luxury petals into the warm water.

They will release a beautiful aroma and leave your skin feeling very soft. I always use essential Oil's.

Never fragrance!! Not to bathe in!!

I have sensitive skin which gets irritated easily. But this DIY is amazing because it doesn't irritate my skin.

Making luxury flower petals to use in the bath is so easy but it can be pricier with other techniques so I suppose this hack also helps you save money.

Hope you try this for yourself.

You'll be surprised with what you can make from stuff you usually toss in the garbage bin. I'm saving my petals from now on!

I'll be bathing like Cleopatra from now on 😄

Suggested materials:
  • Peonies petals   (Garden)
  • Essential oil rose   (Amazon)

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