How to Style a Blunt Bob Into Beautiful Curls & Waves

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to style a blunt bob. I'll demonstrate the steps you need to take to get your short blunt bob looking wavy, sexy, textured, and ultra-modern. If that sounds good to you, keep on reading.

Tools and materials:

  • Blow out brush
  • Flat iron
  • Curling iron
  • Texture spray
Blow drying hair with a blow-out brush

1. Blow dry your hair

The blow-out brush is great for this because it grips your hair and creates a really smooth and silky end result. I have curly hair that can get very frizzy, and out of control, so this tames it completely.

If you have curly or frizzy hair before you start a soft, tousled wavy look, it’s really important that you can control it from the wet stage. It just makes everything look better overall.

Remember to move section by section so that you get your hair 100% dry and completely smooth.

Straightening hair at the bottom

2. Straighten the bottom section

That bone at the back of your head that sticks out is called your occipital bone. If you have a short bob and you want it to look wavy, you do not, and I repeat, do not want to curl anything under the occipital bone.

So, you’re going to take your flat iron, and you’re going to straighten that part of the hair until it bone straight. 

Curling the middle section

3. Curl the middle section

Now when you get above your ear on the sides, you want to give your hair some wave but not really curl it yet. You’re going to take your iron, and you’re going to use it like a crimper - push it up, push it down and then push it up.

This trick creates a really fun, modern crimp that’s not too harsh. There is just enough movement to give you that tousled look without giving you a curly look.

Curing the top section of hair

4. Curl the top section

When you get to the top section, you are going to grab your curling wand, and this is where it gets a little more advanced. You are going to clamp your hair into the curling wand and then spin it around your head.

Then you’re going to release the hair, push the wand down, rotate it back up, release the hair and slide it through the ends (you can watch me doing this on the video 2:57-3:09).

Tip: don’t let the hair get too hot. Don’t leave it on too long, or it gets too curly.

Styling a blunt bob curly

5. Alternate curls

If you do every single section away from the face, with shorter hair, you start to get a Farrah Fawcett one-curl vibe thing going, so you want to alternate a little bit, just making sure that the hair that is right in front of your face goes away from it.

Move onto the other side of your head and do the exact same thing - alternating curling towards and away from the face, but when we get close to the face, we curl away.

Applying hairspray

6. Spray

Finally, you want to spray that hair with some tussle texture spray, separate the waves, scrunch, and bam - so cute and modern.

How to style a blunt bob wavy

How to style a curly bob

I love how effortlessly tousled my hair looks; I just can’t get enough of it. I also love that I did it myself and didn’t have to go to a salon to get it done. I hope that you’ll give this hairstyle a go! 

Suggested materials:
  • Blow out brush
  • Flat iron
  • Curling iron
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