How to Tame Bangs: 7 Essential Styling Tips for Bangs

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I love my bangs! But sometimes, when I wake up in the morning (or depending on the weather), they go absolutely crazy! Luckily, there are some ways to tame the beast, and I’ll show you how to tame bangs with my tips! While it may seem like the whole world is against bangs, these styling tips for bangs should help you make them look nice!

Tools and materials:

  • Comb
  • Water
  • Roller
  • Blow dryer
  • Straightener
  • Round brush
  • Clips
How to style bangs

1. Grab a comb and water

This first method of styling bangs is my favorite as it does not involve heat. All you need to do is dip your comb in the water and run it through your bangs. 

Air drying bangs

2. Air dry bangs

This makes your bangs wet and gives you a new place to start styling the bangs. When my bangs are wet, I like to air dry them. Since my hair is naturally straight, my bangs stay this way when I air dry them. 

Styling bangs with a blow dryer

3. Blow dry bangs

If you don’t have the time to leave your bangs to air dry, you can, of course, take a hair dryer and blow dry your bangs. 

Using a round brush to style bangs

4. Use a round brush

If you want more of a rounded-off look, then you can use a big and round blowdrying brush.

Styling tips for bangs

This will make it look a little poofier. This method also helps when your bangs are too long, as it helps bring them up a little so they sit higher on your face.

Using a velcro roller on bangs

5. Use a velcro roller

Use a velcro roller to create the exact look or even make your bangs look more dramatic. Simply roll your bangs into the roller. You can either sleep with it (if you want a heatless method) or blow dry it with a bit of heat. 

How to get a dramatic round shape to bangs

This gives a dramatic, round shape to your bangs. Again, this is a great way to make them a little shorter when you are due for a trim and haven’t gone yet. 

Blow drying to the side

6. Blow dry to the side

While we’re on the topic of blowdrying, another styling tip is to blow dry your bangs to the side. This method is best for those who have longer bangs (almost nose length) or for those who want to grow them out. To do this, part your hair down the center and wrap one of the sides around your brush. 

Tip: Clip the other half away, so it doesn’t get in the way. 

Blow drying bangs to the side

Then, blow dry your hair sideways. This is going to create that beautiful, swoopy, glamorous, Hollywood look! Then, repeat on the other side. 

Styling bangs to the side

What do you think? It also kind of works on shorter bangs like mine. If you have thicker hair, this method may not work well. 

Using a hair straightener on bangs

7. Use a hair straightener

Besides the blow dryer, a hair straightener is your best friend. If you’re not going for that poofy round look, then this method is your best bet. All you have to do is run it through your hair.

Styling bangs with a hair straightener only takes seconds, especially if your bangs are kind of thin like mine. Also, if you want your bangs to look longer, this is a great way to add that length. 

How to tame bangs

Speaking of length, mine is over my eyes, and I don’t think I can use the hair straightening method anymore. In this case, the round brush would have been better. 

How to tame bangs

So, those are some simple and quick ways how to tame bangs! I hope you find these easy styling tips helpful. Let me know in the comments below your styling tips for bangs; I’d love to know! 

Suggested materials:
  • Comb
  • Water
  • Roller
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