How to Dress to Flatter Your Figure: 7 Essential Styling Tips

Want to know how to dress to flatter your figure? Here Giedre will share with you seven simple clothing rules that you need to know.

Giedre is a huge advocate for people appreciating their bodies as they are and building a healthy relationship with them, but dressing in order to flatten our figures.

In her previous tutorial, How to Look Effortlessly Stylish, Giedre shared some general principles and rules that tend to flatter many different body shapes. Here, she will focus on more specific details in your outfits that will help you flatter your figure.

The width of straps can make a difference

1. Width of straps

Thin straps are great for those who have beautiful thin shoulders, but they are not for everybody. If you have wider shoulders, fuller arms, or a bigger bust, thin straps tend to emphasize the upper part of your body.

Choosing a wide-strap top over a thin-strap top

If you are self-conscious about any of those body parts, swap a thin-strap top or dress for a wide-strap one to create a more balanced look.

How to choose jeans that flatter your figure

2. Rear pockets

The back pockets on shorts, jeans, trousers, and skirts have a major impact on how our butt looks.

If you want to improve your backside view, here is a quick formula: smaller pockets will visually create a bigger butt effect, whereas bigger pockets will make your bum appear smaller.

So, if you want to create a more rounded effect for your bum, choose smaller pockets that are placed higher up. 

Does my butt look good in this?

If you want the opposite effect, opt for bigger pockets that are placed somewhere in the middle. Never go for lower-placed pockets because they always tend to create a saggy butt effect that is not flattering for anyone.

Pulling up the sides of bikini bottoms can be flattering

3. Bikini secret

Our eyes travel along the hemline or any harsh colored line on our figures. Therefore, if you want to create a leaner, longer-leg effect, just pull the sides of your bikini bottoms a little bit higher up on your hipbone.

This way, you will create a flattering arch that not only elongates and makes the body look leaner but also downplays the side bits of your tummy.

How to dress to your body proportions

4. Extended shoulder

The extended shoulder line switches up the proportions of your whole body. When you are wearing a top that emphasizes your shoulder line, your body appears leaner and slimmer, which is great.

However, if you are shorter in height or have a fuller bust, you have to be a little bit careful with padded shoulder tops. 

How to dress to flatter a bigger bust

But there is a solution: the style of top that does not have a padded shoulder but has a double fabric on the shoulder line. In this way, it creates a very sharp and clean-cut line that is flattering and creates very nice proportions. 

For more tips on styling a larger chest, see my previous tutorial on How to Dress With a Big Bust.

How to choose accessories that flatter your shape

5. Bag size matters

To flatter your body, choose a bag that is in proportion to your body. Avoid giant, slouchy bags that don’t keep their structure, or the opposite - very tiny, novelty bags that look out of proportion on nearly everyone.

So, for example, if you are on a bigger scale, opt for a bigger bag. On the other hand, if you are on a smaller scale and you are short in height, then a smaller bag will complement your proportions better. 

How to flatter your figure by wearing a mid-sized bag

For a balanced, streamlined appearance, choose a mid-sized bag that holds its structure to create a chic and harmonious look.

Dress to flatter your figure

6. Shoe details

The general rule of thumb when it comes to shoes is that the thicker the legs, the bigger the shoe should be because, in comparison, that creates a more harmonious look.

Giedre finds that if you have a thicker ankle and thicker thigh, it is a flattering option to go for a shapelier and thicker heel because then, in comparison, it creates a balanced look between the heel of your shoe and your thigh or ankle.

There are other details to think about, such as straps on shoes. If you have wider feet, you probably want to go for thin straps on the foot area. The key here is to pay attention to the small details and aim for balanced proportions.

Flatter your figure with a size-appropriate belt

7. Width of a belt

Once again, the rule of thumb is to choose the width of a belt in proportion to the scale of your body.

If you are on a larger scale, opt for a thicker belt, probably one that is between 3-5cm (1-2 inches). If you are on a smaller scale, opt for a thinner and more delicate one. 

How to dress to flatter your figure

If you have a fuller bust, it is also important to pay attention to the length or the space between your waistline and your bust to make sure that you have enough space to create balanced proportions.

How to dress to flatter your figure

When it comes to dressing in a flattering way, remember that it is never about the numbers or sizing, or even hiding your body. Rather, think about proportions and the ways we can complement our bodies to create that harmonious look.

For more styling tips, read the follow-up to the tutorial, 7 More Pro Tips For Dressing to Flatter Your Figure.

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