7 More Pro Tips For Dressing to Flatter Your Figure

You can look beautiful and feel great about your body today if you dress in accordance with your body proportions and if you know some general fashion principles and rules that are universally flattering for many different body shapes.

This is the third article in a series on dressing to flatter your figure. See part 1 for How to Look Effortlessly Stylish, which covers general styling rules. Then, see part 2 for How to Dress to Flatter Your Figure, which focuses on specific garments and outfit details.

Here, Giedre is going to dive more into colors, fabrics, structures, accessories, and other important details that help improve your look.

Structured clothes that accentuate a slim waist

1. Wear structured pieces

Structured, tailored garments, rather than loose, flowy ones, tend to have a very solid outline. Therefore, it is easy to reach the desired visual effect by wearing structured garments.

An hourglass silhouette, for example, will create a slimmer waist effect.

Wearing a structured blazer

Bigger shoulders will create a leaner body effect.

Wearing a longline vest to create vertical side panels

A longline vest will create additional vertical side panels that will elongate you and make you appear taller and slimmer. It is also a great option to camouflage your side bits as well.

Adding a belt to a structured blazer

Another good thing about structured blazers is that you can play around by adding a belt on top of them and creating a waistline that might not have been defined beforehand.

How to choose the right fabrics

2. The right fabrics

The fabrics for our garments are as important as the right silhouette and fit. 

How to dress to flatter your figure

Fabrics that are very stiff and rigid, as well as ones that have additional texture on them (such as tweed), usually add additional bulk to our frame, especially if they are not tailored.

On the other hand, too lightweight and flowy fabrics might cling too much to your skin. So if you have cellulite, that might not be a flattering option.

Also, fabrics that have a shimmer to them, such as velvet and satin, are lovely fabrics to wear; just make sure that you are not wearing them on the most prominent part of your body or an area you are self-conscious about.

For example, if you are big-busted and love satin pieces, you can opt for a satin skirt instead of a satin blouse. 

How to flatter a big bust

Or opt for a satin blouse with a deep v-neck that will balance you out. In Giedre’s opinion, the best fabrics are the ones that hold their structure easily but also tend to skim over our bodies.

For more tips on styling for a larger chest, Giedre's the previous tutorial on How to Dress With a Big Bust.

Accessorizing outfits to flatter your figure

3. Accessorize

Accessories are a great way not only to express your personal style and add some interest to your look but also to create a focal point on the areas that you want to accentuate.

So, for example, if you have wider hips and don’t want to draw attention to that area, you can direct the attention to your face by creating a focal point with your jewelry, a hat, or a scarf.

The general rule is that you should pick your accessories in accordance with your overall body proportions. 

How to flatter a petite figure

If you are on a smaller scale, opt for more delicate accessories that do not overwhelm your proportions. On the other hand, if you are on a bigger scale, it is good to opt for relatively bigger accessories that bring a harmonious visual completeness to your look. 

How to flatter your figure with tailoring

4. Tailored fit

The fit of a garment refers to how the clothing piece sits on our body. A tailored fit is not as roomy as a regular fit but not as tight as a slim or skinny fit. A tailored fit is usually thought of as the most timeless and sleek fit. 

Tailored garments are very flattering

This fit features a shaped waist and usually very clean lines that create a stylish feel and bring out the very best in our figures. 

Wearing tailored garments

So opt for tailored fit trousers instead of skinny trousers, opt for a tailored fit dress to accentuate feminine curves, and a tailored fit shirt is a great option in creating a timeless look.

What colors flatter your figure?

5. Wear color

Giedre noticed that many women are conscious about colors, especially whites, beiges, and bright colors.

The main color guideline is very simple: wear lights and brights in the areas you want to accentuate, and wear darker, muted tones on the areas you want to downplay.

Which colors to wear to flatter your figure

So you don’t have to wear black or navy all the time. Use this principle when you are wearing any color.

Avoiding horizontal contrasts

6. Avoid horizontal contrasts

Avoid horizontal contrast in the areas that you might be self-conscious about. For example, if you have wide hips and want to camouflage this area, do not wear a top that will fall on the widest part of your hips. 

Tucking your top inside your pants or skirt

Instead, just tuck your top inside your trousers, and that will create a more harmonious look as well as a focal point on your waist.

How to dress tall and slim

If you want to look slender and taller in general, monochromatic looks are great for creating that visual effect. Just make sure that you are not creating any harsh horizontal contrast in your look.

Wearing nude shoes to elongate the legs

7. Skin-tone shoes

The last tip is skin-tone shoes. To create an illusion of never-ending legs, slip on some heels or flats that match your skin tone.

Nude color shoes will be different for different people. Skin-tone shoes go perfectly with midi-skirts and dresses, culottes, and trousers in light tones.

Dressing to flatter your figure

If it’s too cold to show off the color of your bare legs, then just match your shoes to the color of your tights or trousers to create that visually elongated leg effect.

Dressing to flatter your figure

You now know all about how to dress to flatter your figure and are well equipped to put all of these principles into practice. Remember that the key to dressing well is getting the right proportions.

Keep these seven tips in mind when getting dressed, and you will bring out the best in your figure.

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