Easy Fishtail Braid Hack That Looks Like the Real Deal

1 Material
5 Minutes

If you have a hard time braiding, but love the look of a fishtail braid, then this fishtail braid hack is for you.

No-one will ever know it’s not an actual braid!

Tools and materials:

  • Hair elastics
Starting with loose ponytail

1. Start with a loose ponytail

First, bring all of your hair over one shoulder to the front. 

Now, take a section of hair from the front, and make a very loose ponytail with it.

Flipping ponytail

2. Flip your ponytail

Use your fingers to make a hole in that ponytail, above the hair elastic.

Flipping ponytail

Push your ponytail through that hole from front to back, making a flip.

Flipping ponytail

3. Flip again

Now, take two sections of hair from behind your flipped ponytail.

Flipping ponytail

Bring the sections together at the front of your flip.

Flipping ponytail

Pull those sections through your first flip, above the hair elastic but below the flip above it.

Securing ends

Secure those sections loosely with another hair elastic.

Flipping ponytail

Repeat with another flip from another two sections of hair.

Flipping ponytail

Continue this process of flipping until all of your hair has been put into this mock-braid, leaving as long a tail at the bottom as you wish.

Loosening braid

4. Loosen your braid

Use your fingers to gently loosen the sections of your braid.

Loosening braid

Fishtail braid hack

Here is the final look – a stunning fish braid that looks thick and fabulous!

I hope you give this a try and leave a comment to let me know how it worked out.

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair elastics

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