Jean Bracelet “Jersey Girl Knows Best”

Jersey Girl Knows Best
by Jersey Girl Knows Best
2 Materials
10 Minutes

Do you have scrap jean material laying around?! I’ve been making jean shorts and I’m swimming in jean scraps 😆 Turn it into the cutest jean bracelet to go with your summer outfit! Ready?! Let’s do this!

Here is one leg of jean scraps from my jean shorts I cut. Now all you need is scissors and you’re ready to go! ✂️

I start by cutting 1/2 inch strips that are about 20 inches long.

Here are the three strips of jeans I used to make this bracelet.

I taped one end to my counter with masking tape and I started to braid it.

Here is the finished braid.

I tied it onto my wrist to measure it. I removed it and then tightened the knot and trimmed off the excess ends.

I can now slip the bracelet back into my wrist without tying it again.

I love the look of it, it’s rustic chic! I think if you wash it a few times it will get a nice frayed edge on it that you can trim up with scissors.

I hope you enjoy your jean jewelry! Keep it simple, keep it fun and enjoy your creations! See you all next time!

Suggested materials:
  • Jeans   (Home)
  • Scissors   (Home)

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