3 Creative Ways To D.I.Y Denim Jeans

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by Ms. Melior
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Denim... the tried-and-true material.

But sometimes, it's just too plain.

Don't worry, I have 3 fun ways to D.I.Y. your denim without a sewing machine!

If your style is chique...

Try adding metal o-rings down the sides of your pant legs! You can use silver or gold, depending on your preference.

This upcycle is super easy because the metal o-rings from your local craft store will come in a kit with an application tool. All you need to do is mark where you want each ring with a sharpie and hammer in the rings with the tool provided.

It's an affordable trick as well because you most likely already have a hammer lying around. All you need is the o-ring kit.

If your style is edgy...

Go for cut-outs!

First, make a pattern with a piece of paper and trace this onto the pants, so that each rectangle is the same size.

Grab some fabric scissors and cut out the rectangles.

And that's it...

In less than five minutes for zero money at all, you'll have attention-grabbing jeans that reminisce on classic 90's punk style.

If your style is bold...

Add a panel.

I went for a purple velvet to match my top here, but you can do this trick with ANY other color or fabric that fits your personal style (try lace, nude cotton, or mesh fabric).

Cut out a large section of each side of your jeans.

Measure out your second fabric to fit this panel, adding an additional inch on each side.

Using fabric glue and with the jeans inside out, glue the second fabric into place.

Turn the jeans right-side-out.

And there you have it!

There are three easy ways to take boring jeans to a new level.

Which will you wear?


Ms Melior

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  • JD JD on Dec 30, 2020

    Awesome ideas!

  • KarlaS KarlaS on Feb 07, 2021

    I loved all your ideas! So gorgeous and creative.

    for those who live in hot climates like Phoenix in the summer, be careful what the temperature is if you wear them outdoors. The grommets will burn your skin in the heat.