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Hello Readers. It is springtime. In my part of the world we lose our minds over the cherry blossoms in Washington DC. The trees were a gift from Japan and everyone loves them. There is a festival and a parade. The dates of peak bloom are announced in the news so people can plan to go see them. There are a lot of fun activities and it really is beautiful.

These jeans were so fun to make.

In honor of these pretty blossoms, I made some jeans.

I grabbed some black acrylic paint and a thin brush and started painting branches on the sides of these jeans. I painted with a heavy hand. The paint will not wash out. It is permanent but it will fade a little. I want the black to be dark and visible after many washes. I let the black paint dry thoroughly. 

When the black paint was dry I started painting pink spots along the black branches. This does not have to be perfect. I even let my youngest help me. I just loaded the brush with paint and tapped it on the jeans. I did not let this dark pink paint dry.

I added some lighter pink paint onto the dark pink spots. I liked how the 2 colors blended in with each other a little. This also does not need to be perfect, orderly, neat or uniform. Just make some splotches on the jeans. It's fun. Don't over think it. 

Here is a look at my very low budget paint holder. I put the dark pink paint in this cup so my son could paint with me and then I added white paint to make a lighter shade of pink that I used second. You can use any pink acrylic paint you have or like. The paint I have is a mix of inexpensive acrylic paints from the craft store. I did not buy or use any special fabric paint.

If you look closely at the picture of the blossoms they have a dark pink center so I added a dot of magenta to the center of my spots. I wasn't trying to create really accurate paintings of blossoms. I am going for more of an impressionist style. 

You can see these blossoms are all different and imperfect, just like all the people that go see the blossoms. I love it that way.

I love the pop of pink. It's so fun, cheerful and perfect for spring. I made some jeans almost just like this about 4-5 years ago but they got too tight. It's OK, middle age happens! Now I replaced them. 

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself. And happy spring to you.


Suggested materials:
  • Jean   (My closet)
  • Acrylic paint   (Craft supply store)
  • Paint brushes   (Craft supply store)

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