Denim Days-Overalls

Chickie W.U.
by Chickie W.U.
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Hello Readers. I am working with denim all month. Today was a fun project. Do you like overalls? I have been wanting a pair of overalls for a while and decided to make some for myself.

Before and after.

These jeans had elastic in the back of the waist. They were a little too big but I realized that would work perfectly for overalls. Overalls are usually loose and that was what I wanted.

I actually had a second pair of these exact jeans that I refashioned last year into paper bag style waist shorts. I had saved the lower legs from those pants/shorts. I am glad I did because I used the legs as the front and back bibs of my new overalls. The denim matched perfectly. I turned the old cut off pant legs inside out, stitched the ankles closed and turned them right side out again. Those were my front and back bib pieces.

I also had the legs from a denim jumpsuit that I refashioned into a  romper and I decide to use these legs to make shoulder straps. (I am trying to use all the scraps I have been saving.) I cut out my 4 shoulder straps. They were just 4 long strips with 2 sides. I cut them from these pant legs and stitched them closed while they were inside out. Then I turned them right side out to hide all the stitching.

I connected the 4 straps to the bibs at the corners.

I connected the bibs at the center front and back. 

I sewed the bibs onto the pants by putting the right sides together and stitching on the inside. I attached the straps to the bibs in the same way.

These overalls are so comfortable and fun. I liked the shoulder straps. The bows added a feminine touch. 

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself using all the scraps you can find.

Suggested materials:
  • Baggy Jeans   (Scavenged)
  • Fabric Scraps   (On hand)

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  • Loritta Loritta on May 12, 2022

    I am inspired with this project. I have plenty of materials and scraps which I think of any projects to put together. Thanks.

    • Chickie W.U. Chickie W.U. on May 13, 2022

      Thanks so much! I got inspired by some things I saw in instagram. 😀