Adding Pockets to Some Denim Overalls!

by Koetiquemade
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I have a pair of overalls that I love. I wear them constantly. They would probably be my favorite if it weren’t for one thing. No pockets. Well, they have a bib pocket and back pockets, but no side pockets. I find myself always trying to put my hands or phone in pockets that don’t exist. So I decided to remedy that by putting in some pockets.

The Overalls….

I mostly make all my clothes but I purchased these overalls over a year ago from an online boutique. They are super cute and comfy and I love to wear them but I always wish they had pockets. I recently saw that they are now selling an updated version with pockets now. When I saw those I knew I had to modify my overalls.

Pocket Pattern and Placement….

First I put them on and decided on the right area to place the pockets. I did this by seeing where I naturally wanted to put my hands when attempting to put them in a non-existent pocket. This also helped me know how wide I would need to ake the pocket opening.

Then I made a pocket pattern making sure it was big enough to easily hold my cell phone. You can see below basically how it was going to be attached to my overalls. Once I did that I cut out 4 pocket pieces in a blue chambray scrap piece of fabric.

Opening the Seam…

There was a seam that I just needed to open up about 6 inches with my seam ripper in order to insert the pocket. Once that was open I pinned the pocket pieces to each side of the hole, right sides together and sewed them on. I attached the pockets making sure to sew in the original seam lines.

Sewing the Pocket…

Before I sewed around the pocket back I did a stay stitch on the pocket to keep it in place. After that I flipped it all inside out and sewed around the pocket bags.

Then I turned my overalls back to the right side and checked the pockets to make sure my hand and cell phone would fit. It definitely did.

They are Definitely a Favorite Now!!

Now these cute overalls can move to the top of my “Favorites” list. This was so easy and took less than an hour. I should have done this a long time ago!

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  • Overalls   (Three Birds Nest)
  • Paper
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