DIY Levi Denim Re-Fashion With a Little Sequins

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I have three things to talk about in this post because it's packed with DIY goodness! First let me talk about this DIY Denim Re-Fashion that happened here. I was thrifting with my son and I came across these $7.50 Levi jeans. I knew that my daughter probably would not like the cut of these but I figured I could taper them and she could wear them rolled up because they were on the short side. So, I bought them and when I got home I asked her to try them on and she turned her nose straight up! I told her I was going to hook them up for her and she looked at me with her nose still turned up.

Let the games begin. I cut off some of the pant leg so that I could taper them. Next I opened the side seams so that I would be able to get at the leg better to apply the sequin fabric and sew it in the seam. I did not cut the inseam open. I then laid out my sequin how I wanted it on my jeans and cut out my pieces. I pinned the sequin pieces to the legs and sewed them tight next to the inside seams, across the top and the bottom. I finished off the jeans by closing the side seams along with the sequin fabric. You will need to remove the sequins that are in the side seams or they will scratch you when worn. Easy-Peazy Denim Re-Fashion!

Next up is this fabulous crocheted collar!  @laamazon on Instagram posted one of these beauties that she made and I had to have one. I asked her to get me a denim color and this yarn is so perfect it's not funny. I love this collar and it was reasonably priced for a custom piece. Check her out Peeps!

Last but certainly not least let's talk about the Nettie bodysuit here is this leopard print. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I whipped up four of these babies for my daughter Mori. I ran into a stretch problem with one but the others are cool. The Nettie Bodysuit pattern is from  Closet Case Patterns and when you see how easy it is to sew one you will make more! The pattern also comes with a dress pattern and three different necklines. Shout out to Heather I love this pattern.

Those Boots Tho!

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