Handmade 3 Strand Braided Bracelet

3 Materials
2 Hours

In this jewelry tutorial, I will show you how to make a crystal, 3 strand, braided bracelet by hand. If you follow each step, you will end up with a beautiful bracelet, and trust me, no one will believe that this bracelet is a piece you made at home!

Tools and materials:

  • 3 Pieces of 19 gauge wire. (8 inches, 16 inches, and 2 inches)
  • Crystal beads (6mm diameter)
  • Pliers
DIY copper bracelet

Make three strands 

To start off, create a loop with the 16-inch piece of wire. 

Make a small hook

Next, use pliers to make a small hook on the edge of the 8-inch piece. 

Tighten the hook

Hook the 8-inch piece onto the loop of the other wire and secure the hook by tightening it with your pliers. 

How to make a copper bracelet

Bead and braid

To begin beading and braiding, thread a crystal bead onto the looped wire piece in the middle. Then braid the hooked piece of wire around the crystal bead and over the looped wire piece. Take the second strand of the looped wire and pull it over so that it is in between the two other strands. 

Add another crystal

Take another crystal bead and this time, thread it onto the wire strand that is in the middle. Braid the other two pieces just like you did before. 

Easy copper bracelet

Continue this beading and braiding process to get a gorgeous bracelet

DIY crystal bracelet

Once you have beaded and braided you should have some excess wire strands sticking out at the bottom of your bracelet. 

Add the last bead

Finish the bracelet 

Add one more bead and braid as you normally would. 

Fold over the left strand

Next, take the left strand and fold it over the middle strand.

Crystal bracelet

Use pliers to tighten the folded strand of wire. 

How to make a crystal bracelet

Then use pliers to cut off the excess of that folded wire and to trim the outer two pieces of wire. 

Make two loops

Next, you need to create two, tight loops, using your pliers, on the two strands of wire. 

Crystal and copper bracelet

Use something round to help shape your new bracelet. 

Measure the wire

Make a clasp

To create a clasp for your crystal bracelet, you will need a 2-inch piece of copper wire. 

Bend the wire in half

Bend the wire piece in half. Use your pliers to help!

Bend to make a clasp

Then use pliers to bend the looped bit over to create a clasp. 

Make two, tight loops

Create two loops on each end of the clasp. Make sure to make them as tight as possible. 

Attach the clasp

Use pliers to open up the two loops at the end of your bracelet and attach the new clasp. Don’t forget to tighten the loops back up. 

Easy crystal bracelet

These handmade, crystal bracelets look so professional! What color crystal beads would you use for this braided bracelet? Share in the comments below!  

Suggested materials:
  • Wire
  • Crystal beads
  • Pliers

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  • Laurie Cole Laurie Cole on Sep 05, 2021

    Love this, thank you for sharing. I now have another weekend project.

  • Kim Kim on Sep 05, 2021

    This is so cute! I have all the supplies and I am going to make it tomorrow! Thanks!