Heishi Teacher Bracelet Set

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Surprise your favorite teacher with a set of custom Heishi Teacher Bracelets!

Teachers are always working hard to make sure that students are learning and having fun. To show our appreciation, I made a custom set of bracelets for one of our favorite teachers to wear on back to school night. The bracelets are made with Heishi beads, which are small disc-shaped beads made of polymer clay (or sometimes shells or stones). These are so fun and easy to make - even the kids can help! I can't wait to show you how to make this unique and custom gift for your favorite teachers, and hope you feel inspired to try some out for yourself.

To make your own Heishi Teacher Bracelets, you will need these supplies:

Measure your wrist and cut a length of Clear Elastic Jewelry Cord one inch longer than your measurement. If you are making the bracelet as a gift, I would recommend cutting 9" of cord to fit a 7"-8" wrist. Pre-stretch the piece of cord a few times. This will help prevent the bracelet from quickly stretching out too much as the bracelet is worn.

Attach a binder clip to one end of the cord. This is totally optional, but I like that it holds tightly to the end of the cord, which helps to make it easier to thread the beads on.

First, thread two metallic heishi beads onto the cord. Next, add your word to the cord one letter at a time. Make sure to double-check your spelling and the direction of the letter beads. Add two more metallic heishi beads to the cord, and then 10 heishi beads of any color. Add one more metallic heishi bead, followed by 10 heishi beads of another color.

Repeat this process until the bracelet has 9-10 blocks of colored beads. You can also check the fit by carefully wrapping the bracelet around your wrist. There should be about 1"-1 1/2" of cord left.

Carefully remove the binder clip and hold the end of the cord. Knot the ends of the cord together in a tight knot, and then tie it a few more times. For an extra strong hold, pull the knot tight and add a small drop of super glue. Hold the knot tight until the glue dries.

Cut the ends of the cord near the knot, and then slide the knot inside one of the letter beads. Now the Inspire bracelet is ready to wear!! This bracelet is one that could be made for anyone, not just teachers! Replace the word "inspire" with your word of the year, or another word that you want to look at every day.

Instead of an "inspiring" word, you can turn this into a custom gift for a teacher by adding their name. In between the "Ms" and "Dayna", I added a round bead for a little bit of a different look than the metallic heishi beads. Easy peasy!

This Heishi Pencil Bracelet is my absolute favorite of the entire set! It's SO easy to make, and is such a fun bracelet for teachers to wear. To make the pencil on the bracelet, add two black heishi beads, three white or tan heishi beads, and 35 yellow heishi beads. Next, add two silver metallic heishi beads, and 4 light pink heishi beads to complete it!

Add the word "teach" or spell out the teacher's name using alphabet letter beads in between the pencils, and add a round bead on each end of the word to separate them. Tie the cord tightly and trim to finish the bracelet.

For a small accent bracelet, string on a bunch of round beads with a couple of heart beads and an apple bead in the center. One of the easiest, but it is an eye-catching piece of jewelry, right?!

Now you have a complete set of custom Heishi Teacher Bracelets! These bracelets are easy enough for kids of all ages to make as a unique gift for teachers, and they can even make a set for themselves to wear on the first day of school.

I mean, honestly, what teacher wouldn't want to wear a set of these custom Heishi Teacher Bracelets? Make up a set for back to school, teacher appreciation, or as an end of school gift to let your teachers know how much they are loved. As always, if you make any of these projects for yourself, I'd love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram and Facebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest!

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