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I always had a belief that resin would be really hard to work with and I would fail. I am happy as can be to report that I was totally wrong. Working with the EasyCast Resin from ETI is super easy and tons of fun. The best part is the big reveal when the resin cures and gets taken out of the mold. I am super excited to share this project with you and hope you decide to try it too. Let’s make a resin charm!

Materials and Supplies Need to Make a Resin Charm

Directions to Make a Resin Charm With Sprinkles

The steps to this craft are very simple. This is a fun craft to do with older kids or teenagers so would be perfect for Cadette level Girl Scouts and up.

Step One

Start by carefully measuring and mixing the epoxy resin according to the instructions on the box. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. The ratio has to be exactly 1:1.

You have to pay attention to your resin! When your first mix the two parts together, you should see they look cloudy or wavy. This is normal. You should notice, however, that the more you mix, the closer the mixture gets to a clear liquid.

Step Two

Next, gently (and slowly) pour the resin into the molds. If there are any bubbles on the surface on the resin, you can use a lighter to carefully heat the surface to burst the bubbles. This is actually extremely satisfying.

Step Three

Carefully place the polymer clay sprinkles in the resin. They will eventually sink so be prepared for that. After a few hours when the resin starts to thicken, you can add a few more to get them to layer.

Step Four

Let the resin cure for at least 24 hours. Gently remove it from the mold and admire the amazingness. Then decide what you are going to make with it.

To make a charm that can be added to a piece of jewelry, use E-6000 adhesive to attach a bail to the back of the charm. The bail can be simple or ornate. This completely is determined by your personal taste. I prefer simple. Let it dry completely before going any further.

Step Five

Add your charm to make it something fancy and fun. I added mine to a scrappy fabric keyring and I LOVE IT! Like, I mean I really love it. I actually made two and sent one with a book to the stranger I got in this month’s book exchange. She’s going to be so surprised.

Resin Keychains, Jewelry or Charms?

Is it a keychain, a pair of earrings or is it simply a charm? Well, that is totally up to you! It can be attached to anything really.

I call these cuties resin charms, but really they can be used for many different purposes. You can put them on a chain to make a necklace, attach to a keychain, make a pair of earrings or just keep them in your pocket as a lucky charm.

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