How to Make a Beautiful Brooch Pin From Old Broken Plate

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
3 Materials
30 Minutes

I am always on the look out for new pieces of unwanted items that can be transformed into jewellery and so this box of broken china came to me and I was so excited about the possibilities!

Broken china

I find a beautiful ceramic plate with super colourful ladies so I begin to cut the ceramic into a brooch shape carefully with wheeled tile nippers and protective eye goggles on.

Cutting china

I shape carefully around the lady figure that I feel would be looking good on the piece and then sand edges smooth. I use a rotary mini sanding carbide stone wheel.

Sanding china

I also sand the back of the piece to be able to create a good base for the pin to be glued later.

I use a small brooch pin ans epoxy resin two part glue.

Sanded back

I squeeze little blob of each and mix together well before smearing some on both back of china and on to pin bar. It dries pretty quick so best to do this straight away and if you get on your hands wash quick too!

Mix glue

Fix the pin in place centrally and check the pin open and close correctly. Hold it in place and then leave it to dry for ten mins or so.

Brooch pin

Hey there you have a gorgeous unique piece of jewellery to be proud to wear or gift!

Brooch pin
Brooch pin
Suggested materials:
  • Plates crockery   (Amazon)
  • Two part epoxy resin glue   (Amazon)
  • Metal pin for brooch making   (Amazon)

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Susan Goode
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