How to up Cycle Old Ceramic Tableware Into Beautiful Brooch.

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
4 Materials
1 Hour

I love to up cycle old vintage broken ceramics and then transform these beautiful interesting old pieces into amazing unique jewllery creations which are so pretty and one of a kind.

Old broken ceramic

I see some interesting pieces to cut and save and shape using wheeled tile nippers. I always wear protective eye Goggles to prevent shards injury.

Wheeled tile nippers

I shape the pieces I want to use and turn them to look at the pieces from various angles and once cut is time to sand and shape smooth. I

use a mini hand held sander with carbide stone attachment. Slowly and gently I smooth edges until it’s looking and feeling nice.

Smooth edges

It starts to take shape and now The brooch is ready to glue a pin on the back and I begin by sanding the back a little with sander to enable the fixing to adhere better

Mix epoxy resin

I use two part epoxy resin to create a nice mix of the hardener and glue especially for jewellery making . It sets quite quickly so not much time o get ready with the brooch pin to sit in position of glue on the back of ceramic.

Brooch pin on back of ceramic

After a about twenty mins it is ready to wear!

I’m so pleased with the result and it’s so unique!!

Beautiful brooch
Ceramic brooch
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  • Bebe Bebe on Mar 05, 2021


  • 26061930 26061930 on Mar 19, 2021

    This looks like fun!! I have some pieces that are family heirlooms, but broken. What a lovely way to share the old pieces among family members ... lots of brooches from a plate, etc. Oh .. earrings or wall hangings. Someday I hope to have the time to do it.