How to Create Beautiful Ceramic Brooch From Old Crockery

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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I always adore the pretty painted crockery from time gone past and there is a lovely way to preserve some of these by extending their life into jewellery. I hate to see crockery go into landfill so making jewellery that extends their life seems a great eco project to try.

Old crockery

With a few simple cut with the wheeled tile nippers I shape and cut some pieces I like. Eye goggles a must.

Cutting crockery

So many gorgeous vintage designs to choose from makes this a nice dilemma to have.

I sand smooth the edges of the ceramic pieces using a grinding stone attachment to to a dremel .


I use two part epoxy resin glue to secure and brooch pin back on the ceramic.

I make sure I roughly sandy the back so as to give a good surface to stick securely the pin.

I mic up two equal peas sized parts of the two tubes into a dish and mix well. Do this in a well ventilated room and mask is also worn.
Mix glue

I spread it quickly both onto the ceramic back and the metal pin as to create a good strong bonding. Hold for a few minutes in position. This dries very fast so working quickly is a must.

Apples brooch pin
Suggested materials:
  • Epoxy resin glue   (Amazon)
  • Brooch pin   (Amazon)

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