How to Create Beautiful Earrings From Old Ceramic Crockery.

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
1 Hour

I was donated a box of chipped and broken crockery which was like a treasure trove for me! I saw so much potential jewellery in that pile and began immediately to find some designs to transform.

Old crockery

I use wheeled tile nippers to cut the china into smaller more manageable working pieces. Protective goggles are essential.

Wheeled tile nippers

I am focussing on some pieces which I feel will make a nice pair of earrings. Using a sanding tool with rotary grinder to smooth the edges and shape into right size is easy. Always wear a face mask too as it gets dusty.


When the ceramic pieces are the right shape it’s time to drill holes in by using a diamond tipped drill. I use water to cool the tip and slowly bit by bit it creates a hole .

Drilling a hole

I repeat this for both pairs and soon ready to add the sterling silver ear hooks.

Add ear hooks

I use round nosed pliers to slide the jump ring into hole and add the hooks. It’s easy to squeeze tight and secure the fixings with these.

Round nose pliers

I am so happy with my little gold earrings made from old crockery!

Crockery earrings
Suggested materials:
  • Round nosed pliers   (Amazon)
  • Silver ear hooks   (Amazon)

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