How to Make Ceramic Brooch From Old Crockery

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
20 Minutes

I enjoy creating original jewellery from old worn out things and breathing new life into them. Great for the environment and also your pocket!

Broken crockery

I love the patterns on the old crockery and ceramic is quite easy to shape and cut if using wheeled tile nippers. Alway use goggles to protect your eyes from any flying pieces of china.

Wheeled tile nippers

I choose some pieces to make some nice brooch pins with. I like the old floral pieces and sort some to shape by nibbling around the edges carefully with wheeled tile nippers.

The next step is to sand the edges smooth with a grind stone attachment it and its fits onto the rotary hand drill.

Grind stone to smooth

Once happy with the pieces and edges are very nice and smooth. It’s time to grind a little patch at back of the ceramic around middle position ready to make the metal brooch pin much easier to adhere as it gives a better rougher surface.


I prefer to use an epoxy resin for jewellery making and use a pea size mix of both and it will be hard within minutes so work with it quickly. I spread it on to the back of the brooch pin and also ceramic and stick them together centrally.

Brooch pin

Once it’s set fast, I give it a quick clean and it’s ready to wear!

I love this original little vintage pin 😀

Brooch pin
Brooch pin
Suggested materials:
  • Brooch pin   (Amazon)
  • Epoxy resin glue   (Amazon)

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