Creative Ways to Fake Piercings at Home and Change Your Look Daily

Pam Oduor
by Pam Oduor
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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use jump rings to make fake piercing jewelry. This is a simple and affordable way to fake piercings and the possibilities are limitless. You can make a fake septum piercing, a fake ear piercing, fake ear cuff earrings, and even fake lip piercings! Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Jump rings
  • Chain
  • Earring hooks
  • Pliers
Fake ear cuff earrings

Ear cuffs:

1. Pick out your jump rings

The jump rings you use will depend on the size of the area you plan on putting them. For earring cuffs, the small ones will work very well. The bigger ones will come in handy for nose rings as they’re quite big and strong compared to the small ones. 

2. Open and place

For the small ones, you can separate them with your hands or use a pair of pliers to help open them up. Open up the rest of them, but don’t make the spaces too big.

Fake ear piercing

Then, just fit them to the size of your earlobe. You can leave them like this, or you can attach the jump rings to the chain. I’ll show you how to do that next.

Putting the earring hook through the chain

Chain earring

1. Attach the chain to the earring hook 

To make the chain earrings, you’ll need just a simple chain and an earring hook. Put the hook through the chain and then put it on the stopper.

Attaching the jump ring to the chain

2. Attach the jump ring 

Put the jump ring through one hole at the end of the chain.

Fake double piercing earrings

Then, it’s ready to put on! Here’s the finished look for the chain earring.


Opening the large jump ring with a plier

Nose ring

1. Open large jump rings

Now let’s create our nose ring. Use the pliers to pry open the larger jump rings.

Ends of jump ring filed for smooth edge

2. File

File the ends of the opening so it doesn’t hurt when you put them on.

Fake nose piercing

Then, it’s ready to put on! Here’s the finished nose ring.

Fake lip piercing

You can also wear it as a lip ring.

Fake septum piercing

Or as a septum piercing.

Fake piercing jewelry tutorial

That’s it for this tutorial! Let me know which fake piercing jewelry style is your favorite down below.

Suggested materials:
  • Jump rings
  • Chain
  • Earring hooks
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