Quick and Easy: DIY Flower Earrings

by MyVian
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Clay is such a great tool. It is versatile, exciting, and easy to work with. I love messing around with the shapes and colors and can’t wait to show you guys how to make these gorgeous DIY flower earrings.

Tools and materials:

  • Liquid polymer clay
  • Pigment powders
  • Clay texture sheet
  • Ruler
  • Clay
  • Brushes
Clay flower earrings

DIY flower earrings

Make your centerpieces

Start by preparing your clay. Roll them into thin strips and cut out two centerpieces and six petal pieces. I chose purple for my centers and white for my petals. Next, roll your two centerpieces into balls, flatten them down and then roll them into cones. 

Make flower earrings

Make your petal pieces 

Make your six petal pieces into flat circles following the same steps as before (do not roll them into cones). Next, pour out some liquid clay and use a paintbrush to spread it over your desired areas of the texture sheet. Using a separate paintbrush, spread powdered pigment over the liquid clay. Now, take your petal pieces and place them over the liquid clay and powdered pigment so the design transfers. 

How to make flower earrings

Form the flowers 

Pinch the bottom and the top of the petal until it resembles the shape in the image above. Make sure your bottom has stems that can be attached to the centerpieces. Mold the petal pieces to the centerpieces and carefully cut off the stems. Cure the flowers in the oven, glue on some backs, and you’re finished! 

Easy flower earrings

These clay flower earrings are such a fun and easy project. They are the perfect answer for anyone looking to get their creative juices flowing, but are still only starting out in the DIY world. Comment down below with your awesome clay creations. 

Suggested materials:
  • Liquid polymer clay
  • Pigment powders
  • Clay texture sheet
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