How to Create a Pair of Tagua Nut Original Earrings

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
10 Minutes

I love to work with eco friendly products and making unique jewellery from beads that are slices of Tagua nuts (the non edible palm nuts from Ecuador ) these are just perfect for making super one of a kind earrings from.

Tagua beads

I begin by choosing some beads that will go together in pairs and look good as well as balanced in size and colour.

I use a silver head pin with a fancy knitted end. It’s easy to thread the beads o to but remember to always leave enough space at the top for making the loop.

Head pin

Next is curling the metal around to make the loop to fix hooks onto. I always find round nosed pliers are ideal for this. Twist and curl the loops with end of pliers until you have nice little tight closed loop.

Make loop
Tighten loop

Next it’s sterling silver ear wires to be threaded easily onto the loops. I use a hook that had an easy pullout fixing and the round nosed pliers help to adjust these easily.

Add ear hooks

These lime and nutty brown Tagua earrings really are starting to come together. I repeat the process for the other earring.

I’m so so happy with the final outcome such a unique creation!

Tagua earrings
Suggested materials:
  • Tagua nut beads   (Amazon)
  • Round nosed pliers   (Amazon)

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