How to Create Some Tagua Nut Eco Friendly Earrings

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
20 Minutes

I often like to use Eco friendly products to give life to a natural product that is durable and long lasting. These colourful Tagua nut slices are perfect to create unique jewellery from and really have something tactile and pretty to show off your DIY skills.

Tagua nut slices

You can obviously use any beads you have access to or repurpose some old jewellery you have. Always worth having a look in local thrift/charity shops as often they sell mixed bags of unravelled necklaces which are very good value and often nice quality mixes.

I use sterling silver ear jump rings and ear wires as good quality stop ear irritation .

Round nosed pliers are very handy to open and close the fittings easily and are readily available to purchase online.

Tagua beads & Round nosed pliers

Threading the jump rings into the ready made bead hole is simple and close the gap with pinching pliers together. I add several jump rings interlocking to hold a few different coloured warm toned Tagua discs. I arrange them into a design I’m happy with and one that seems to balance well.

Round nose Pliers secure jump rings

I’m so happy how these lovely reds and pinks little Tagua nut slices into earrings turned out. Fruity disc that are truly unique lightweight and wearable.

Tagua nut earrings
Tagua nut earrings
Suggested materials:
  • Round nosed pliers   (Amazon)
  • Tagua nut beads   (Amazon)

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