How to Create a Pair of Original Ceramic Earrings From an Old Tea Cup!

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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I’m Always so enthralled at the beautiful designs on vintage ceramic crockery that mostly all ends up going into landfill. With environmental issue in mind scouring charity shops and garage sales is a way to help re use recycle. They are always full of these vintage crockery bargains and I pull at some recent finds to transform into amazing little jewellery treasures.

Old tea cup

I use wheeled tile nippers which are readily available in DIY stores or on line and with protective eye goggles worn get to cut the ceramic crockery .

Cutting ceramic crockery

It’s next time to use a carbide sanding wheel attachment on a rotary hand drill to smooth edges. It’s best to use this to get the shape you require. Making sure all edges and back are smooth and rounded.

Sanding wheel

Next I use a diamond tipped drill attachment to make way for the silver jump rings and ear hook attachments .


It’s best to preserve the top by dipping into water as you drill. Then it’s time to thread the earrings with jump rings and sterling silver ear hooks.

Jump rings
Assembling the earrings

I use little round nosed pliers which help to open and close the rings and as pieces are fiddly it makes it easier to work with.

Im so thrilled with this special pair of original vintage ceramic earrings in blue florals.

Ceramic earrings up cycled crockery
Up cycled crockery earrings
Suggested materials:
  • Wheeled tile nippers   (Amazon)
  • Mini hand drill   (Amazon)

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