How to Make Teardrops and Hearts Earrings

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How to Make Teardrops and Hearts Earrings

Last year I made an orange and navy necklace for a friend. This year, I’m making the matching earrings. I can’t even show you a photo of the necklace, because I didn’t take one. She likes really chunky jewellery and the necklace was just that. The earrings needed to be just as fabulous but not take away from the necklace. I hope that I’ve hit the mark with these.


Here’s what you will need to make these earrings:



Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Make the Dangle

Thread the following beads onto a headpin in this order:

  • Rondelle
  • Teardrop
  • Rondelle

Make a wire wrapped loop at the top of the bead. To do this, make a right angle bend about 2mm from the top of the bead. Using your round nose pliers, wrap the wire about the jaws, readjust the pliers then continue to push the wire around until it sits at right angles to the bead. Hold the loop you have just made in the chain nose pliers and, using the other pair, wrap the end around. Trim off the ends and tuck them in with the pliers.If you’ve never made a wire wrapped loop before, watch this video.

Making the Centre

I used my 1-step looper for this but you could make the loops using the round nose pliers. If you’ve never made a loop before watch this video. If you want to know more about the 1-step looper, watch this video.

Cut the wire into two pieces approximately 10cm long. Make a loop on one end.

Thread on the beads in the following order:

  • Rondelle
  • Cube
  • Rondelle
  • Heart
  • Rondelle

Make a loop in the other end. Using both pairs of chain nose pliers, twist the loops so that they are both facing the same way.

Open the loop at the bottom (the cube end) and attach the dangle. Close the loop.

Attaching the Ear Hook

All that’s left to do is attach the ear hook. To do this, open the loop of the ear hook – usually the inside is the side that opens. Thread on the earring (heart end) and close the loop. If you need help with this, watch this video.

Double Check the Loops

The final thing I like to do when making any piece of jewellery is to double check that all the loops are secure. If there is any gap, just use your chain nose pliers and wiggle up and down, pushing slightly towards the wire, to close them up.

Repeat for the second earring.

These earrings are quite large and won’t be for everyone but if you love large statement earrings, then why not give them a try.

What I’m Wearing

The necklace that I’m wearing in the video is the blue dangle necklace.

Blue Dangle Necklace

If you are keen to make a memory wire bracelet, check out the Create section of my website.

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