How to Make Teardrop Earrings

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If you love handmade modern jewelry, check out these gorgeous beaded teardrop earrings. Contemporary jewelry is one of my favorite types of jewelry. And, I love how unique each piece is when you make your own jewelry.

So, if you love modern handmade jewelry, take a look at these gorgeous beaded teardrop earrings. So, you can change the colors as you like to fit your preferences. Scroll to the end for a printable version.

Take a headpin and select the beads you want. The arrangement used here is – 1 golden seed bead, 1 green wooden bead, 1 large orange wooden bead then repeat. 

Coil the remaining wire of the headpins’ open end below the loop.

Determine the size of the wire teardrop pattern for the earrings and cut a piece of 18 gauge wire to form the teardrop-shaped hoop, also keep 2 cm extra. From one end of the wire create a small loop by using the looping pliers and then form the hoop with the rest of the wire.

 Insert beads into the 22 gauge coiled wire through its open end. Finally, after filling the wire to the other end (inside the teardrop frame), coil the open end of the wire around the main frame (the teardrop) to secure the bead.

Find out how to finish it off in the blog post.

Suggested materials:
  • Craft wire – 18 gauge and 24 gauge   (Amazon)
  • Craft pliers – cutting and looping pliers   (Amazon)
  • Jump rings   (Amazon)
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