How to Make Dangle Button Earrings: A Cute DIY Jewelry Idea

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by Kellie Sutton
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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make dangle button earrings from scratch! This is such a lovely and unique idea and really requires little time and effort.

To make these DIY button earrings, you’ll need two buttons, jump rings, and some beads - materials that you probably have on hand already. Let's start!

Tools and materials:

  • Jump rings
  • Headpins
  • Charms
  • Beads
  • Buttons
  • Plier set
  • Ear wire
Opening up the jump rings with pliers

1. Open up the jump rings

Before we get into the fun part, go ahead and open up some jump rings beforehand. This will save you time! Do this with your pliers and pull each end in a different direction. 

DIY button earrings tutorial

2. Make the DIY button earrings

Now, run one of the jump rings through one end of the button and close it up. Then, add another. 

Threading buttons through the jump rings

Next, repeat the process on the other hole. So, you’ll have two jump rings in each hole. 

How to make button earrings

Here’s what you should have once complete. 

Tip: Jiggle the tips of the jump rings back and forth until they close up nicely and tightly. 

DIY button earrings step by step

Now, take a headpin, and place it through the leaf (or any other embellishment you have). Use your pliers to feed it through. Next, put a bead cap and a 3mm fire polish on top. 

How to make dangle earrings out of buttons

Make a loop right above the fire polish. Take your pliers and bend the headpin at a 90-degree angle toward the back (away from you). 

Looping the headpin over

Then, loop the headpin up, over, and down the pliers to create a loop.

Making dangle button earrings

Slightly open your pliers and rotate them and pull the rest of the headpin to the back. 

Tip: See the entire looping process from 1:59 minutes of my DIY button earrings tutorial. 

Feeding the headpin through the jump ring

Feed the rest of the headpin through one end of the jump rings on your button. 

Wrapping the wire around the headpin

Hold the loop with your pliers, and then with your bent chain pliers, wrap the excess wire around the headpin, three times. 

Cutting the excess wire

Next, cut the excess with your cutters, using the flush side. 

Using pliers to make the earring design

With pliers, squish down the loops and straighten them out. Be careful not to squish the bead. 

Threading a jump ring through the button

Run another jump ring through the top part of the button (through the two jump rings). 

Closing the jump ring with pliers

Close it up. 

Adding ear wire to the jump ring

Open up your ear wire and run it through the jump ring. Then, close the gap to secure. 

How to make dangle button earrings

How to make dangle button earrings tutorial

There you have it, a set of beautiful DIY button earrings. If you wanted to know how to make dangle button earrings, you now have the complete guide! It’s straightforward, easy, and they look absolutely lovely. These would also make great gifts for family or friends.

Thanks for joining me. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Suggested materials:
  • Jump rings
  • Headpins
  • Charms
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  • Yas42720962 Yas42720962 on Dec 08, 2021

    Very beautiful pair of earrings. Thanks for sharing. Easy to follow step by step.

  • Carollynda Carollynda on Jun 29, 2022

    Only thing I found confusing- what is a fire polish? I used to make earrings all the time, but never heard of that. Maybe I'm 75 and senile?? Very nice idea. Thanks. 🤫