How to Make Cute DIY Beaded Dangle Earrings With Chains

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What's going on my fellow jewelers? Today I’m going to show you how to make a pair of cute, beaded dangle earrings. They also have some multi-chain detail which is a really beautiful touch. Follow along as I talk you through this jewelry DIY step-by-step.

 Tools and materials:

  • 10 chains 
  • 2 teardrop beads 
  • 2 fish hook earrings
  • 2 headpins 
  • 2 crimping beads
  • Regular pliers
  • Long nose pliers
Cutting the chain pieces

1. Cut the chain

The first step is to cut the chain. There are ten of these little beauties in the design (five on each earring) and we want them to be the exact same size, otherwise your earrings will be wonky. I want all of my chains to be 1.5 inches (3.8cm).

I have a trick to cut your chain exactly without measuring every single one. Grab a headpin and then put a chain on it that is the size you want all of them to be.

Then take your spool, take the last link on the chain, put it on the headpin, and then get your pliers and cut the chain the length that you want it. Then repeat this until you’ve got all ten chains.

Placing the beads on the pin

2. Place beads on the pin

The beads that I have for this project are gorgeous, but the hole is too big for the headpin and it's going to slip right off. Another tip of the day is instead of getting a filler bead, I actually get a crimping bead.

I don't crimp it but they're so small that you can barely tell. A filler bead is usually a lot bigger and I don't like the look of that. Place the crimping bead and the colored bead on the headpin.

Making a loop with pliers

3. Make a loop

Next, make a loop and wrap the loop. You can do a regular loop without wrapping it but I think the wrapping looks pretty. Go at a 90-degree angle and be careful not to squish the bead too much and chip it. Then hold the bead in place and bring the wire around to make a loop

Putting the chain on the wire

4. Put the chain on the wire

Have your wire at the position shown, and before you wrap it around, put all five pieces of the chain on it.

Wrapping the wire

5. Wrap the wire

Grab your long nose pliers and wrap the wire around, just above the bead. Once done, cut off the excess wire and tuck in any wire that is poking out.

Attaching the hooks

6. Attach the hooks

Now that we have put all the chains on, take the hook and open up the loop, and put all of the chains on. I prefer to put the chain on in the order they came, but you don't have to, you can twist up your chain if you want. 

Closing the hook

7. Close the hook

Close up the hook making sure not to leave a gap.

DIY beaded dangle earrings

That my fellow jeweler is how you make these gorgeous dangle beaded earrings.

Wearing the DIY beaded dangle earrings

DIY beaded dangle earrings

They are so cute! When you add multiple chains to a design, it just kind of bumps it up and makes it feel a little posher. I love this design so much that I think I’ll make it again using different colored teardrop beads at the bottom. I hope you’ll give this DIY a go too!

Suggested materials:
  • 10 chains
  • 2 tear drop beads
  • 2 fish hook earrings
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