DIY Gold Painted Oyster Shell Keychain

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For a special gift for friends or family members. Give the gift of nature from the sea. I created a refreshing oyster shell key chain made from oysters shells. I live by the beach and marshes which makes it easy to pick up oysters. I collect lot of different size oyster shells that I find on the shore. I use them for lots of DIY projects. This one is so easy to make and I made one for my brother and he loved it.


Oyster shells

DecoArt white paint

Key chain


Gold paint

Jumper ring

Step 1 Clean the oyster shell

Clean the oyster shell with white vinegar and water solution. With a little tooth brush scrub the shell. Let it dry before you drill a hole.

Step 2: Drill a small hole

With a Dremel tool drill a small hole into the key chain hook. Later in this tutorial you will need to get a jumper ring to connect the key chain to the oyster shell.

Step 3: Paint the Oyster Shell

With the white paint, paint the inside of the oyster shell. Let it dry before you paint the edge with gold paint.

Step 4: Paint the edges with gold

With a fine artist brush paint the edges of the seashell with gold paint. Let it dry for a few hours.

Step 5: Attach the key chain

With a jumper ring, attach the key chain to the oyster shell. The jumper ring should open up so you can slide it into the hole. There you can attach the key chain onto it.

Hope you enjoyed this fun DIY Oyster shell key chain.

Suggested materials:
  • Oyster shell   (Amazon)
  • Gold paint   (Amazon)
  • White acrylic paint   (Amazon)
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  • Dawn Dawn on Jan 29, 2021

    I agree with Patricia. This is a great idea for a beautiful keychain, but I wouldn’t paint the inside white. The inside of Oysters are beautiful naturally.

  • Lil Lil on Jan 29, 2021

    My daughter used decoupage to cover inside with paper napkins,( So many designs!) Trimmed it so there were no wrinkles, painted the edge with gold or another color, depending on the design. Used for a ring holder a spoon rest, a guest seating place or so many things. Maybe even wedding napkin initials.